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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The Executive Review import feature is a very useful feature of the compensation module of SuccessFactors for system administrators.

Being able to mass adjust recommendations for a selected group of employees (by filtering on them using the enhanced executive review filters) can be a huge time saver for Admins during a review cycle.

In this recording I cover the following aspects of this feature :

  • How it works (demo).

  • What to pay attention to when using it :

    • Covered in recording below : hard custom validation ("error") need to be changed to "warning" in Design Worksheet before the import (covered in the recording below).

    • Not covered in recording below : standard column compRating must be removed from the import file before import because its presence will prevent the import (the file won't upload and a generic error message "Unable to import file" will show).

  • How to turn it on if you don't have it on already :

    • Only partly covered in recording below : Make sure that the 4 following checkboxes are checked in Actions for all plans :

    • Then permission it through Role Based Permission :


Additional notes:

  • The maximum number of records that can be imported in one file is 65,535. Please note below for limitations on export and import to and from Excel in SuccessFactors :

  • Time to process 35,000 records in a production environment = 5 hours.

  • The speed of the Excel upload into executive review is affected by not only the number of employees in the upload but also by the number of actual worksheets they are on. In other words, 5000 employees that are spread out on 1000 worksheets will load faster than 5000 employees spread out over 3000 worksheets. We recommend that when creating batches, they are built in a way that minimises the number of worksheets (e.g. it would be better to group by organisational area rather than level).

  • In case we have issues importing date editable fields through Executive Review Import, please see here for demo that shows it is working. It only works with manual entries if we apply custom format mm/dd/yyyy to the editable (yellow) date column in excel AND if we select encoding UTF8 when importing the XLS (and not Western ISO which is selected by default).




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