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Global Virtual Event hosted by SAP Training and Adoption

November 10, 2020

 Ultimately, the business value of enterprise applications depends on how well employees use them. With today’s dizzying pace of innovation and change, users need training and guidance to make the most of the digital capabilities woven into new technology platforms. Recent IDC research confirms the critical difference that training makes: When end-users are given sufficient training, key performance measures improve by an average of 8 to 17 times.*

Research also sheds new light on learning dynamics, pointing to approaches that move beyond conventional course-oriented training. It may be surprising, but 70% of employee learning actually takes place on the job. Another 20% comes from social or informal learning. Perhaps most unexpectedly, traditional formal training – instructor-led classes and LMS-based online courses ‒ accounts for just a small fraction of business learning.

Corporate learning strategies haven’t caught up with these findings. It’s rare for employees to receive software training within their routine work environment. Yet at the moment of need, they may not remember what they learned in a class or e-course weeks or months earlier. Users are mostly left to do the best they can on their own, occasionally reaching out to colleagues for assistance. This helps explain why user adoption rates often disappoint, and why more than a few enterprise software projects under-deliver.

But what if you could embed targeted micro-learning modules within the flow of work – right inside software applications, where users need them most, and are the most receptive?

Put Your Training Where the Users Are

SAP has turned this idea into an exceptionally effective solution called SAP Enable Now. It lets you create and embed highly specific, context-sensitive learning inside SAP applications. Customers using the solution report that their people are learning faster, performing better, acclimating to changing demands, and adopting new platforms in greater numbers.

Want to know how SAP Enable Now works and how it’s changing the enablement landscape? Then tune in to our virtual event, “Best Practices to Accelerate User Productivity,” on November 10th.  Register now – and attend the entire half-day event or choose just the presentations that interest you most:

  • A keynote address by IDC’s Cushing Anderson and SAP SVP, Stefan Haenisch, detailing dramatic findings on how training moves the needle on key business performance metrics

  • A guided enablement tour with an SAP training expert

  • Several enablement-focused breakout sessions on boosting usage and adoption, so your users can go live and stay productive

  • Virtual networking and Q&A – chat online and get your questions answered in live discussions with SAP specialists and partner experts

Discover the keys to higher user adoption, greater productivity, and faster software ROI. Register now for this insight-packed virtual event.
*  IDC White Paper, sponsored by SAP, “Game Changer: The Transformative Impact of Training,” October 2020