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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

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Dear All,

In this article, describes how you can automate your SQL deployments to SAP ...

SFTP protocol, clients, servers etc. Page by the original author of SFTP.


Customers wants an other way to deploy but not through CI/CD or Postman process method which was described in my previous articles,, there is way to automate through pushing the DDL file to sFTP dropbox provided by SAP Commissions through developing Iflow from SAP Cloud Platform Integration or SAP Integration Suite.

so this way, customer will have to just drop their ddl file with updated incremental changeset id so it gets deploy automatically and secured way...  also you can develop your own Iflow adding additional steps like after deploy you can send email notifcation or adding succesfull logs with your deploy id.

Let's get started

SAP Commission dropbox offers customers provided with sFTP connection & access for pushing the files but we are making use of Outbound folder to automate for storing DDL objects for deploying..

so we are going to create a New folder called "DDL" but this will not be available for any of your dropbox by default but even though if you have folder creation access and then you wouldn't have access to create files inside the directory.  This is something Product team and engineering team to think through how customers can get benefit and take advantage from different approach.