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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Globalization and "Just in time" in workforce management require the new flexible work models and relationships. The companies are looking for Right people with Right skills in Right time on Right location.
The reaction on this demand is fast growing external workforce: non-payroll labor is largest spend category at most of global companies.
The business needs agile system to manage their employees and external workers without silos. Such system gives organization a key benefit to analyse and optimize the total workforce and integrate the external workforce in specified business processes.

Are you looking for a system to manage the total workforce?
SAP Successfactors Employee Central provides a solution to manage internal employees and external workers in HR core system.
One of the component of this solution is integration between SAP Fieldglass (FG) and SAP SuccessFactors Employee central (EC), which provides a bridge between HR and procurement systems.
This blog describes the prepackaged integration between SAP Fieldglass and SAP SuccessFactors Employee.

SAP supports two processes with prepackaged integration:
- Creating Job Posting in Fieldglass from the EC Position (position management integration)
- Replication of worker from Fieldglass to EC (integration of worker data).
The customers could use these prepackaged integrations separately or as E2E integration scenario. This blog shows the E2E integration scenario, which could be used for contingent workers.

The main steps are:
- Create Position in EC
- Create Job Posting in FG for the EC Position (1st integration process)
- Select worker in FG and create Workorder in FG
- Replicate worker from FG to EC (2nd integration process).
The E2E integration scenario is shown below:

1) Logon into EC and create Fieldglass Job Posting from the EC Position:

2) Logon into FG via SSO and add data / complete the Job Posting.

The attributes of EC position e.g. Position ID (Position_18) are transmitted to the Job Posting:

Job Posting SSFJP00000100 is created in Fieldglass.

3) Supplier submits Worker for the Job Posting in FG:

Contingent worker Tina Blog is sumbitted.

4) The Workorder is created and confirmed in FG:

5) The worker integration uses SAP Cloud Platform Integration as the middleware (HCI) to replicate the worker data from Fieldglass to Employee Central. The replication could be scheduled in HCI to pick up the worker data.

6) The worker data are successfully replicated into EC Contingent profile via HCI.

The contingent worker Tina Blog is created in EC.

7) EC Position is updated with worker assignment and FG Job Requisition SSFJP00000100.

You could find more details and prerequisites of the integration on SAP Help portal:

-> Using SAP Fieldglass with Emplyee Central and Using SAP Fieldglass with Position Management.

See Total Workforce Management video on