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Product and Topic Expert

Interested in enabling your web users to share jobs across social platforms?

In this blog, we review how some SuccessFactors customers are leveraging Career Site Builder’s extensibility to add social share functionality to their career site in response to the AddThis widget sunset. Included below are details on some of the key considerations for widget selection, popular easy-to-implement alternatives, and top recommendations for career site placement.

Read below to learn:

  • Why the AddThis Widget is being removed from Career Site Builder

  • What alternatives are available for the AddThis social share widget

  • What to consider when comparing social share options

  • How to add social share widgets on your career site with Career Site Builder

Why is the AddThis Widget is being removed from Career Site Builder?

Oracle, the owner of AddThis, posted a notice that they are terminating all AddThis services after May 31, 2023.  As a result, SAP Career Site Builder will be removing AddThis Widget as a standard configuration option in the 1H 2023 release. Additional details about this feature deprecation can be viewed in the SAP SuccessFactors What’s New Viewer.

What alternatives are available for the AddThis social share widget?

If you loved the "AddThis" feature, and are looking to add an alternative to your career site, there are several third-party alternatives available! Third-party widgets can be added into Career Site Builder via the Custom Plugin Component or Custom JavaScript Header and Footer.

Some third-party options SuccessFactors customers are choosing to add to their career site include:

- AddToAny
- ShareThis
- Shareaholic

What to consider when comparing social share options?

To make the right decision for your business, take into consideration what features best support your business needs.  When reviewing third-party solutions, you will want to consider the cost, ease of setup, accessibility, extensibility, and user privacy. For example:

  • What are the most important features for your users?

  • Is the solution free, or does it require a subscription cost?

  • Do you have the right technical skillset to setup and a plan in place to maintain?

  • What kind of user data is stored and shared?

  • Is the solution GDPR and CCPA compliant?

  • Is it necessary to customize the style of your icons?

  • Do you need to integrate with analytics software?

Most Popular Pick: AddToAny

Many customers who are choosing to leverage customization to allow for social sharing, are opting to proceed with “AddToAny.” This option offers strong overlap in design & features with AddThis functionality, and requires very low effort to setup.

Some of the key influencers include:

  • Free with No Account Necessary: Setup requires no registration to setup or manage.

  • Easy Setup: Low-code technical skill to setup.

  • Code Stability: The current solution includes lightweight code, offers strong cross-browser compatibility, a mobile compatible view, and includes vector icons.

  • Ease of Extensibility: Supports integration with Google Analytics, along with color and style overrides.

  • Decent User Privacy: AddToAny does not store personal data. Vendors may temporarily store strictly necessary data, such as an IP address, as the regulations allow.

How can you add social share options in Career Site Builder?

A social share option can be added to Career Site Builder via the Custom Plugin Component or the Custom JavaScript Header and Footer.

Add Social Share to a Single Page with the Custom Plugin

The custom plugin component allows Career Site Builder administrators to add custom code for a new component on any configurable career site page created in Career Site Builder.  These components support JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Custom Component in Career Site Builder

Where to add on the page?

A custom plugin can be added to the Home Page, Content Page, Category Page, or Job Page Template. Some of the most popular locations for the component, include:

  • At the top or bottom of a Category Page, to easily enable users to share a page of jobs

  • On the Job Description Page, to enable users to share a single job


Custom Share Component below Job Table on Category Page


Custom Share Component on Job Description Page

Add Social Share as a Site-Wide Element with Custom JavaScript Header and Footer

The Global Settings JavaScript Tab allows a site administrator to add custom JavaScript code to the header and footer on the career site.  This section can be used to add or impact features used site-wide, including, referencing an external widget, or applying custom styling to universal site elements. A social share widget that you want to be displayed universally across the site can be added as a site-wide element, under the Global Settings JavaScript section.

Global Javascript in Career Site Builder

Sharethis Sticky Share Widget Configured with Global Javascript in Career Site Builder

Do your research & test it out!

Any custom JavaScript code that's added to your career site, has the potential to conflict with platform-driven core functionality. Modified elements should be reviewed for potential risk, and customizations thoroughly tested to reduce potential for regression.  Make sure first to develop and test your code in the staging environment prior to deploying to your productive tenant.

Need Help with the code?

Interested in enabling a social sharing extension on your career site, but need some additional assistance getting setup? SAP HXM Delivery Consultants offer development services that specialize in extending Career Site Builder.  Please contact your implementation partner or Account Executive to learn how to engage an expert to assist you!


Now you know some of the top third-party social share options SuccessFactors Customers are using as alternatives to the AddThis Widget, and how they can be added to your Career Site Builder website!  With this solution in place, your web users can continue to easily share jobs across their social platforms.

Share your experience!

Have you successfully implemented a social share widget on your career site?  Are you struggling to get started, and have questions? Please add a comment below to share your questions, feedback, ideas and experience!