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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Because there is no standard integration between Time Types from Time Off module and Compensation templates it can be sometimes difficult to build Compensation or Variable Pay eligibility rules excluding or including specific Time Types.

The most reliable way for permanent consistency AND if we want the integration to also work for Variable Pay records eligibility rules is to add a new EC Job Info field with On Save business rules as explained in this blog and in the screenshot below:


However if we don't need to have specific Time Types retrieved in Variable Pay records specifically (if they are only used for full exclusion or inclusion of an employee as of a specific date) or if we don't have a very long list of Time Types to capture then we can use the solution from the 10 minute recording below where we look at how to retrieve specific Time Types only in "Approved" status as of one specific Cut Off date (12/31/2023) into Compensation.


Technical explanation

Retrieving only "Approved" time types (see red arrow below) is the hardest part here because only 1 out of the many Time Off functions starting with "Get Absence" or "Has Absence" has a pre-built filter to only keep Approved entries (by default most other functions also retrieve Pending and Pending Cancellation statuses on top of Approved).

In a customer environment this function would usually be tied to many other conditions, such as in this example including Global Assignment cases as well.


Additional useful links related to Eligibility rules: 



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