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Product and Topic Expert

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, software applications continually undergo updates and improvements to meet the changing needs of users. As part of this process, SAP Enable Now, SAP's digital adoption solution, has made an important decision regarding its support for the Firefox browser. Starting with release 2411 in November 2024, Firefox will no longer be officially supported by SAP Enable Now. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind this decision and discuss how it aligns with the goal of providing the best user experience possible.

Low Usage and High Testing Efforts:

One of the primary factors leading to the sunset of the Firefox option in SAP Enable Now is the significantly low usage of the browser among its user base. Extensive analysis of user data has revealed that the number of users accessing SAP Enable Now through Firefox has dwindled over time. This decline in usage has made it increasingly challenging for SAP to allocate resources for testing and ensuring compatibility with Firefox.

To maintain compatibility with multiple browsers, SAP Enable Now has to undergo rigorous testing across various platforms and versions. The testing efforts required for Firefox, coupled with its declining user base, have become increasingly disproportionate. By discontinuing official support for Firefox, SAP Enable Now can focus its resources on optimizing the user experience for the browsers that are more widely used by its customers.

Enhancing User Experience:

SAP Enable Now is committed to delivering a seamless and intuitive user experience to its customers. By streamlining its support for the most popular browsers, SAP can concentrate on enhancing the features and functionality that matter most to its users. This strategic decision will enable SAP Enable Now to allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring a higher quality of service and quicker response times for its supported browsers.

Moreover, by aligning its support with the browsers that are most widely used, SAP Enable Now can leverage the latest browser advancements and technologies. This will enable the application to take advantage of cutting-edge features, improve performance, and deliver a more robust and reliable experience to its users.

Continued Use of Firefox:

While SAP Enable Now will no longer officially support Firefox, it is important to note that customers will still have the option to use Firefox as their browser of choice. However, it is crucial to understand that SAP Enable Now will not be actively tested for compatibility with Firefox beyond release 2411. Customers who choose to continue using Firefox should be aware that they may encounter compatibility issues or reduced functionality.

Alternative Browser Options:

To ensure a seamless transition for users who currently rely on Firefox, SAP Enable Now recommends exploring alternative browsers that will continue to be officially supported. Popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge offer robust compatibility and ongoing support for SAP Enable Now. Migrating to one of these browsers will ensure a consistent and optimized experience while using SAP Enable Now.


The sunset of the Firefox option for SAP Enable Now, effective from release 2411 in November 2024, is a strategic decision aimed at providing an enhanced user experience and optimizing resource allocation. By aligning its support with the most widely used browsers, SAP Enable Now can focus on delivering cutting-edge features, improved performance, and quicker response times. Customers still have the choice to use Firefox, but it is important to note that official support and compatibility testing will no longer be provided. SAP Enable Now encourages users to explore alternative browsers to ensure a seamless transition and continued optimal experience.