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Product and Topic Expert
Many of you know that Intelligent Services is designed to automatically consolidate all relevant transactions, connect and intelligently predict follow-on steps to form an end-to-end, guided process in response to a single employee event. It significantly simplifies what employees and HR professionals need to do to manage workforce changes within their organizations.

Intelligent Services doesn’t just stop at working intelligently within the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite. In this blog post, I am going to highlight its strong external integration capabilities and show you how it connects with any 3rd party application seamlessly by open APIs to maximize business results.

SAP SuccessFactors integrates with SAP Fieldglass

SAP Fieldglass was acquired by SAP in year 2014. It is a cloud-based Vendor Management System (VMS) that manages contingent workforce and services procurement.

Let’s take a look at how Intelligent Services helps eliminate a potential business operation issue caused by an employee’s Long-Term Disability request.

Joe is a supervisor of a few contingent workers in Aviva. He submits a 6-month Long-Term Disability request in the SAP SuccessFactors system 2 months in advance.

15 days prior to the start of his leave, Joe receives an email reminder for him to assign a proxy or delegate in the Aviva Fieldglass system to manage his contingent workers’ timesheets, expenses, and invoices approval during his absence. When Joe logs on to his Aviva Fieldglass system, he also gets the same reminder.

The decision is on Joe – if he doesn’t foresee any approval need for his contingent workers during his leave, he can simply mark the reminder as complete without assigning a proxy.

In this scenario, we see that once the Aviva employee’s absence is determined in the SAP SuccessFactors system, Aviva’s SAP Fieldglass system as a subscriber of this event, triggers two actions:

  1. Send out an email notification to this employee to assign a proxy or delegate

  2. Publish the reminder as a Work Item for this employee in the Aviva’s SAP Fieldglass system

Can you imagine how chaotic it can be – when the contingent workers’ timesheets, expense reports or invoices need to be approved promptly so they can get paid yet their supervisor is on leave and they have no idea whom to ask for approval?

Intelligent Services predicts the workflows that occur from a single event change. It ensures the small but important task doesn’t fall through the cracks.

SAP SuccessFactors integrates with ServiceNow

ServiceNow provides service management for every department in the enterprise including IT, human resources, facilities, field service and more.

Taking the same Long-Term Disability request as an example, let’s take a look at how ServiceNow leverages Intelligent Services to connect shared service processes seamlessly.

Samantha is the director of the Marketing team. She reports to Brenda who is the VP of the Marketing organization. Samantha is going to request a 6-month time off for her medical procedure. She submits a Long-Term Disability request within the SAP SuccessFactors system.

ServiceNow is configured as the subscriber of this event through Intelligent Services. Once Samantha’s leave request is submitted in the SAP SuccessFactors system, the Service Center agent sees a new Long-Term Disability case has been created within a Visual Task Board in ServiceNow.

A list of tasks is automatically created with this new Long-Term Disability case:

  • IT and Facilities are going to shut down Samantha’s system access during her leave

  • Samantha’s office space will be converted to hoteling during her leave

  • Samantha needs to provide her Medical Form Agreement

  • Samantha is going to be asked to cover her own cellular data coverage during her leave based on the company policy

The task of limiting IT access and converting Samantha’s cubicle as hoteling need to be approved by her manager Brenda.

By reviewing the approval requests, Brenda decides that she doesn’t want to convert Samantha’s cubicle to hoteling space. She then drills down the task, requests Facility to convert Samantha’s cubicle as a team meeting space, instead of converting it to a hoteling space.

While the task of limiting IT access and converting cubicle space are being taken care of by Brenda, Samantha completes her task of reviewing and approving the updated cellular data plan agreement within her SAP SuccessFactors’ home page.

Samantha has the full visibility about all the tasks that are triggered by her Long-Term Disability request, which includes the tasks that are being completed in the ServiceNow system. She can also now go ahead to complete the remaining tasks on ServiceNow from her SAP SuccessFactors’ home page.

“We were very impressed by how easy it was for ServiceNow to receive HR events in real time from SuccessFactors Intelligent Services framework and take the required action. We are excited to show today an early version of our efforts showcasing ServiceNow receiving a Leave of Absence event from (SAP) SuccessFactors and automating the process across various departments”, said Deepak Rammohan Bharadwaj, VP and GM, HR Product Line at ServiceNow

SAP SuccessFactors integrates with Benefitfocus

Benefitfocus is a cloud-based benefits management platform. It enables employers, insurance carriers, consumers and government entities to shop, enroll, manage and exchange benefits information.

When a new hire is created with a specified start date in the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, Benefitfocus as a subscriber of the event will synchronize this employee’s profile in real-time within their system. This new employee will be able to go to Benefitfocus to complete his or her benefits enrollment even before his or her first day. In contrast, when an employee is terminated in the SAP SuccessFactors system, Benefitfocus will receive the notification to terminate this employee’s benefits agreement right away.

From this use case, we can see how Intelligent Services streamlines the benefits administration process between SAP SuccessFactors and Benefitfocus. No more paperwork, no more tedious administration hassle.

With these 3 external integration use cases, I hope you now understand how Intelligent Services benefits our business partners and their customers.

There are 37 Intelligent Services events currently available. Read here if you want to learn more about how to publish those events externally.

Special thanks to Abhijit Salvi, Product Manager of Intelligent Services, for providing the use cases!

*Additional Reference: Intelligent Services User Guides, Administration Guides and Implementation Guides







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