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Welcome to our new SAP SuccessFactors (HXM) customer experience within SAP Community! The SAP Community is the new central point of entry for HXM (SAP SuccessFactors) and all other solution areas, connecting us across the ecosystem, and a premiere destination for members to engage, connect and share insights in an inclusive and supportive way, as well as access relevant, quality content.

Thank you to our 40,000+ active users (customers, partners and SuccessFactors employees) for making the SAP SuccessFactors Customer Community a success for so many years!

Now that SAP SuccessFactors (HXM) customer experience is part of SAP Community, you have access to a much broader set of resources, including SAP experts, questions and answers, and other SAP solutions. 

  • When you interact within the new Human Experience Management – HXM (SAP SuccessFactors) area, you will have a dedicated space for SAP SuccessFactors conversations and a chance to get answers from SAP SuccessFactors experts.
  • When you interact in SAP Community, you will have the additional opportunity to join broader conversations and get answers to questions about other SAP solutions.

What are the main areas of the new SAP SuccessFactors experience within SAP Community?

You will see that we have recreated most of the pages with a different UI and navigation!  Here are some highlights:

Where will I interact with other SAP SuccessFactors customers and experts?

All 15,000+ product forum posts (questions and answers) from the previous SAP SuccessFactors Customer Community were migrated to the HXM Q&A (Forum) Archive within the private SAP SuccessFactors Customer Corner area. You can search through these previous questions and answers to benefit from years of awesome engagement with other customers and SuccessFactors experts!

When you have new questions, you will start using the new Human Experience Management Q&A area, found under the Products menu < Human Experience Management, to build up that library of knowledge and expertise.

When you search in SAP Community Groups area, it will pull content from everything you have access to view (public and private): SAP SuccessFactors Customer Corner, Human Experience Management Q&A, Human Experience Management Blogs, etc.

How Can I Find out more Details about the new SAP SuccessFactors customer experience?

We have created an SAP SuccessFactors Customer Community Migration FAQ and SAP SuccessFactors Customer Community Migration Guide with more details – these will continually be updated with more questions and answers, so please refresh the URL each time you view the document.

Also, we have an upcoming SAP SuccessFactors Customer Community Open Forum on January 11, 2023; detailed slides with screenshots will be shared, along with a live demo.


  • For technical support, send an email with detailed description to the IT Support team at
  • For general inquiries about the SAP Community experience, send an email to
  • If you have any questions or feedback about the migration or where to find SAP SuccessFactors Customer Community content, please contact

We hope you enjoy the new SuccessFactors customer experience – start engaging today!

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