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One of my favorite characters from ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy of movies is Lucius Fox (pictured), Bruce Wayne’s business manager who also secretly runs Batman’s finance, operations and designs all of his amazing technology; the suit, the bike, the weapons! Lucius is something of an unsung hero in these movies which reminds me of another often understated hero, the HRIS Super User (no smirking please).

With the rise of SaaS HR solutions continuing at great speed I wanted to share my thoughts on what I believe is quickly becoming one of the hottest areas of HR to be involved in.

A Super User can go by many different names; System Admin, HRIT Analyst, even Power User. The reason for the variations in title is he or she has to wear many different hats, not unlike Lucius Fox. But ultimately these titles amount to roughly the same thing; a person who manages the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of HR systems, especially multi-user solutions such as SAP SuccessFactors.

The HRIS Super User has numerous skills and different responsibilities including;

  • Ensuring system uptime, performance and security of the solution he or she manages

  • That the solution meet the needs of the users without exceeding the organisations budget

  • Contributing to future buying decisions regarding HR software

  • Installing or upgrading the software

  • Providing routine automation and configuration

  • Maintaining policy and process documentation

  • Troubleshooting any issues that might arise

  • Training and supervising staff in how to use the solution

  • Offering technical support for projects

  • Delivering reports from their solution to the business

So highly important activities, right?

That’s why SAP SuccessFactors provides Super Users with a set of powerful tools and access to the resources needed to successfully perform their duties. Okay so it’s not quite the Batmobile but it’s still pretty great!

Tools including the Integration Center so they can create integrations without reliance on IT or consultants, saving time and money. The Upgrade Center; their cockpit for delivering all new features and enhancements that come with each quarterly release, enabling control over what functionality is delivered to the business. Within the Admin Center you will also find all of the necessary tools to configure SAP SuccessFactors to match business requirements; tools to change workflows, amend processes, to create custom extensions and alter the look and feel of it.

SAP SuccessFactors makes sure that Super Users have access to all of the resources required to perform their roles through the newly designed Empowerment Center. Here, Super Users will find video tutorials and guide books, training content, and a peer matching solution that connects Super Users with other customers to promote networking and best practice sharing, plus loads more.

All joking aside, Super Users play a key role in ensuring that systems effectively and efficiently support their organization’s business needs making this one of the hottest jobs in HR today. SAP SuccessFactors knows how important this role is and has added some innovative tools and resources to help keep your Super User powers keen. After all, where would Bruce Wayne be without Lucius Fox.

If you are a Super User looking for more information please feel free to email me at