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Product and Topic Expert

SAP and our partners are uniquely positioned to deliver the Intelligent Enterprise vision. Through our collective efforts, customers can achieve game-changing results and invent new business models to drive a next-generation value economy.

The SAP Intelligent Enterprise Ambassador partner enablement team enables partners to articulate the Intelligent Enterprise strategy with their customers, increase customer satisfaction and decrease cost of sales for partners by:

  • Bringing all Partner Ambassadors to one platform as a community to collaborate and share best practices.

  • Providing in-depth product information, key contacts, Q&A forums and knowledge base content to provide accurate and easily searchable answers.

  • Highlighting customer success stories, references, and upcoming partner- or customer-events.

In North America the adoption of the Intelligent Enterprise message by SAP SuccessFactors partners was particularly challenging, as they felt intimidated by SAP S/4HANA and other aspects of the larger SAP value proposition. This especially for partners who are new to the ecosystem.

Timothy Roumayah, an Account Executive at SAP Partner Epi Use, expresses this sentiment when he said:
«Being new to the SAP ecosystem, Intelligent Enterprise gave me a broad understanding of how the solutions work together, what the end results could mean to companies, their customers and employees.»

We are proud to see enablement resources provided teams working jointly together, in developing and delivering an Intelligent Enterprise Ambassador workshop as part of the overall learning journey. We invited SAP SuccessFactors partners (along with SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business ByDesign partners) to participate. Many individuals from our key partners attended and achieved validation; they now represent a core group of experts who can help promulgate the Intelligent Enterprise message and help amplify it further.

Winnie Chu from SAP Partner Aspire HR sums it up when she states:
«This program has enabled me to articulate the importance of how our clients can take their organization’s data, in combination with the employee and customer user experience, and gain the insight on the company’s overall performance. This allows them to quickly take action, improve and streamline their operations.»

Michael Jolton from SAP Partner Nimbl echoes this idea when he said:
«The Intelligent Enterprise message is one that is useful for all our clients as they begin to look at how they will continue to meet evolving business needs. The Intelligent Enterprise Ambassador Program is providing our consulting team with a strong, common message that resonates with our clients and syncs with the overall SAP messaging, providing a united and coherent vision.»

Another great feedback from Alexandra Guillaux, from SAP Partner Createch, Canada:
"The concept of Intelligent Enterprise includes many technologies that are difficult to integrate into compelling business benefits. This Ambassador program helps us transform the power of innovation into a global a vision that is easier to sell. I could then evangelize our own sales and presales teams by focusing on the strategic smart business roadmap rather than the technological elements."

In EMEA South we have 42 partners participating from across the region, and many partner pitches were validated in local languages. The second wave of the program is currently in progress with a huge number of partners involved.

Here’s a quote from Amro Abdelwahed, from SAP Partner Ejada, Saudi Arabia:
«Ejada and myself would like to thank SAP for the introduction of the Intelligent Enterprise program, providing a focused and effective mechanism to promote SAP core values, business vision, and technology, to SAP partners and the customer community. We would also like to thank SAP team for their time and valuable feedback through this exercise, and looking forward to continue this joint effort to provide value and success to our customers.»

Isaac Guillen Rodriguez from SAP Partner Sothis in Spain says:
«Thank you very much for providing this program. I feel like I have learnt many tools that I will gladly use in my next customer interactions and pre-sales. we will soon start making internal training about the program to the rest of Sothis team. I appreciate your collaboration and your time.» 

Mary Margeta, Partner Manager at SAP says:
«@All, thanks a lot for your support to provide specific members of our Greek SAP partner ecosystem the chance to become Intelligent Enterprise Ambassadors. Andreas – the trainier – was very passionate about this and managed to deliver a great Intelligent Enterprise pitch utilizing the training material that was provided by your program.»

The cultivation of the Intelligent Enterprise Ambassador community is already paying dividends. We are proud to have a core group of partners that help get the message out to their broader organizations.

Become an SAP Intelligent Enterprise Partner Ambassador by taking the on-demand enablement and virtual live classroom training followed by an assessment. Access the SAP Partner Benefits Catalog to discover more.

Access the SAP Intelligent Enterprise Partner Ambassador Learning Journey to learn more or visit our dedicated page on