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Product and Topic Expert
Engagement is defined as the following:The ACTION of engaging or being engaged. Engagement is an ACTION, implying that in order for engagement to occur, action needs to be taken, it simply does not occur automatically.

Successfactors recognizes the need for Talent Acquisition to be able to take action when it comes to engagement with candidates.Recently we released, this ability,  we now offer robust CRM functionality that will empower Recruiters, Sourcers and Marketers the ability to actively engage candidates directly out of the system. However, with this powerful functionality comes the need to now have a strategy, and resources in place to ensure successful engagement.

Lets explore some of the fundamentals to developing an engagement strategy and how to leverage the new CRM functionality as part of this strategy.

Top 5 things to consider when developing an engagement strategy and the functionality that is key:


1.) Don't under estimate the Power of your Career Site

Your career site should ideally be your number one sourcing channel for any organization – it’s the place where potential applicants will go to check out what you’re doing, what you’re about and make a decision on whether they think your organization is right for them.

Utilizing tools like Career Site Builder to empower Talent Acquisition to proactively create and manage their own career site brand, content and images is helping customers save time and money, a well as easily market their jobs and company culture in a meaningful way. Career Site  Builder enables customers to utlize many features such as custom job pages to help call out unqiue aspects of a job based on location, brand or funcationality which includes the ability to imbed video and images into the descriptions.

Custom plugin is another popular feature which allows customers to utilize 3rd party code to integrate into their sites, creating completely different look and feel as well as providing unique functionlaity such as social feeds or chat bots etc.

Search Engine optimization and Mobile responsive capabilties embedded into Career Site Builder also makes it easy for our customers to ensure visibility and access to their career sites regardless of the device or search engine they are on today.

Taking into account who you are as an employer brand and then using your career site to feature your brand, is key to engaging and converting talent on your career site. Career Site Builder is an essential tool when building out your engagement strategy.


2.) Leverage your Employees to Build your Brand


Storytelling can be one of your company’s strongest asset. Why? It proves that what you are saying is true as there are people in your organization that are living out the experiences that you say your organization offers. Capturing this on video and sharing it on your career site , job pages and or email campaigns is a great way to quickly engage and excite candidates about your culture and what you have to offer.

The new CRM functionlaity with Successfactors Recruiting, allows recruiting customers the ability to build out landing pages and embed video on them for remarketing purposes. This can be linked to an email campaign or used on its own as a way to engage candidates online or at an event. Tying these stories to your job pages ensures that the job description comes to life for the applicant and may just be what they need to see in order to decide to apply!


3.) Talent Pools makes for Better, more Meaningful Engagement

The purpose of CRM strategies for talent pools is to build the employer branding, share your stories and develop the engagement with candidates that you believe are right for your business. Talent Pools are visible only to Recruiters and Sourcers, making this an excellent tool for them to use to better group talent together in meaningful ways,based on the needs and goals of the organization.Talent Pools with Successfactors also allow Recruiters and Sourcers to make certain talent pools private or can opt to share and make public as well, allowing for collaboration when maintaining and engaging the talent with in the pools.

Talent pools also ensure that targeted email messages can easily be sent to the right pools which ensures that the information is engaging and relative to their interests. Keeping your silver or bronze level candidates warm and engaged until the next opportunity comes along is key to maintaining that relationship. In an economy where unemployement is low and special skill sets are in high demand, keeping candidates engaged is essential.

Let also not forget about Internals! Successfactors CRM Functionlaity, also allows Recruiter and Sourcers to search and pool together internal talent as well! This means you can better identify and keep these types of candidates warm as well.. retaining talent can be just as valuable as engaging!


4.) Talent Community and Passive Engagement

Successfactors Recruiting Marketing today offers the ability to automatically invite candidates either  actively or passsively into your private talent community , which in turn allows candidates to receive email job alerts  that are related to their area of interest. Talent communities are a great way to spread the net a little wider and share your employer brand to a bigger audience, plus it also means that they can actively share your content with their communities and networks.

Ensuring you are levergaing Talent Community functionality, also ensures that passive candidates are  able to easily hear about jobs with your orgnaization, with out having to actually apply! This willl greatly ensure that you have a more diverse community from which to engage.


5.) Resources and Collaboration


Developing an engagement strategy takes planning and resources, this can not be understated enough. The importance of having the right team of people, with the right skill sets is essential.

Leveraging marketing specific resources is one example of collaborating with resources to ensure that branding and content is consistent with the organization.Marketing can also be useful in terms of creating efficiencies when it comes to accessing collateral that has already been built for marketing and engaging.

Lastlly, ensuring your recruiters and sourcing teams are well equipped and trained to understand how and when to best engage. The fact that Successfactors recruiting suite has integrated much of the day to day activities in one tool makes it seamless and easy for Talent Acquisition to not only move candidates through the process but also ensure engagement along the way.



Keeping engagement top of mind in your talent acquisition strategy is the name of the game , and leading with engagement can ensure you are able to strike when the iron is hot and quickly convert talent you would have otherwise missed out on! Stay tuned for more exciting innovations around CRM functionality in coming releases!