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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The SAP SuccessFactors Expert Accreditation (SFX) program has been live since mid-2015. It is a set of exams to accredit trained and empowered customer administrators in SuccessFactors products. There is no additional cost for SuccessFactors customers to become accredited. Currently, there are 19 exams and each accreditation expires after one year; it is necessary to retake the exam yearly to stay accredited. SFX Accreditation benefits both individual administrators as well as their company. Find out more about the SFX program and download an overview on the SFX blog page. Visit the Community Training page to access training and SFX exams on the SuccessFactors Administrator Learning Center (SFALC).

We have several hundred customers with SFX accredited users and over 1000 individuals with active accreditations. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to become more self-sufficient in the administration of their SuccessFactors system!

In this blog, we want to spotlight two of our SFX superstars – they both have passed all 19 SFX exams! Tom Syvenky was the first person to become SFX accredited in all products in 2016, when he was working with BCLC, and the picture below is from SuccessConnect 2016 when he received an award from us for his accomplishment. Chris Lewis, currently working for BCLC, also has met this impressive accomplishment. Read below to learn about their experience with SuccessFactors and SFX. Congratulations, Tom and Chris, on your tremendous achievement!


Tom Syvenky                                                    Chris Lewis
SuccessFactors Solution Architect                     Senior Systems Administrator, HRMS
The Great-West Life Assurance Company         British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC)

What is your role with your company and how do you use SuccessFactors?

Tom: My current role is SuccessFactors Solution Architect. Given my understanding of the functionality and interdependencies between all the modules, I help to ensure that we are implementing the modules with the end in mind to achieve the integrated solution and business outcomes of why we are doing the project in the first place (beyond just getting the planned scope in on time and within budget). I also look at the configuration decisions to assess not just the ease of implementation but also the impact of these decisions on the sustainment of the application after we are in production.

Chris: I am a Senior Systems Administrator, HRMS for British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC). We leverage the cloud-based technology of SuccessFactors to help achieve our objectives as an organization. For my role specifically, I assist with the overall administration of the system.

How long have you used SuccessFactors?

Tom: I started to lead my first SuccessFactors project in 2013 and have led the implementation of every module at least once since then. I have been fortunate enough to lead international projects covering 65 countries, 9 languages and 20 currencies with app. 20,000 employees.

Chris: I have personally utilized SuccessFactors since I started with BCLC in January 2018.

What motivated you to pass all 19 SFX exams?

Tom: When the SFX program was introduced, I immediately saw the value of the program. Given I was leading a full suite implementation of all the modules it was natural to pursue every exam.

Chris: I was motivated to become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in SuccessFactors for our company. I wanted to gain foundational knowledge in all areas of the system so I could better solve any related problems and also better assist in any enhancements we wanted to implement in the future.

How have taking the exams helped you serve your company in managing your SuccessFactors system?

Tom: The knowledge gained from the entire experience has definitely improved my ability to drive a higher level of quality, functionality and maintainability of our SuccessFactors solution. I ask much better questions of our implementation partner and SAP plus it improved my judgment on recommending new features and understanding their implications.

Chris: It has given me base knowledge of SuccessFactors to allow me to better serve our internal stakeholders by being more efficient with solving problems, answering queries, and making configuration changes. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I know all answers immediately, but having that base knowledge gives a fundamental understanding of how the system is connected and works as a whole. That allows me to be more efficient with knowing where to find answers and where to make necessary changes. It also allows me to have more meaningful and productive conversations with SuccessFactors Expert employees. Having those conversations more directed and targeted will allow for faster resolutions and/or successful configuration changes.

What is one thing you would like to see SuccessFactors add or change about the SFX program? Feel free to add additional feedback too.

Tom: SAP continually invests significant effort in enhancing customer facing resources within the SuccessFactors Customer Community and SAP Help Portal. I suggest that part of the Foundation Admin training include resource guidance with a summary of what resources are available and where to find them. Part of my role is searching for the right resources and given the pace of change on this great content, SF eXperts should know how to effectively navigate and find the answers they are looking for.
Chris: The SFX program has been great! I really like how there is a blend of learning delivery methods. We all have different learning styles and I appreciate that the SFX program has options for admin guides, e-Learning, and Job aids. Another thing I like is how SuccessFactors is investing in their clients and providing the tools that will help empower them to become SME’s for their respective organizations. One thing I could think of for feedback would be to maybe integrate the quiz within the stages of the SFX courses. It seems like more learning programs are transitioning towards more incremental byte-size learning methods. Perhaps some of the quiz questions could be asked right after learning about a specific area within a course. It could be beneficial for users to complete the courses in more manageable stages.

What is the coolest place you have traveled?

Tom: It’s hard to pick just one place. I really enjoyed Greece and visiting the Acropolis. I also thought it was cool travelling and performing at theatres in Czechoslovakia, Ukraine and Russia.

Chris: The coolest and most fun place I have traveled is to Disney World in Florida. My wife and I went down there for our Honeymoon and had a blast! Going to all the parks there was an amazing experience that I will never forget. We did so much on our very first day that we decided to pace ourselves for the rest of the trip and made sure we got to relax by the pool too.

Any other interesting information you want to share about yourself or your journey with SFX/SF?

Tom: I view earning my SFX accreditation across the entire suite as just another step in my journey of life-long learning. I’m extremely curious and enjoy exploring new experiences. For example, on the professional side, I have also earned my Human Resource Information Professional designation (HRIP), Scrum Master, Prosci Change Management Certification, PMP and MBA. On the personal side, I have my race car driving licence, skydiving licence, sailing license, scuba diving license - and I'm working on my gliding and pilot licenses.

Chris: I really look forward to seeing where SuccessFactors goes in the future. HCM systems are rapidly evolving and becoming powerful tools for organizations. It is very interesting to see how they are making processes more efficient and effective every day and I am sure SuccessFactors will be at the forefront of this exciting future!


If anyone has any questions about SFX or other SuccessFactors customer programs, please email Customer Empowerment.