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As we had shared in an earlier blog, digital document management is a critical tool for HR to effectively address employee, manager, audit and compliance stakeholder needs. Building on document management capabilities within SAP SuccessFactors, we now have HR document management with PeopleDoc, released in beta.

PeopleDoc offers a solution that will enable customers to go paperless and centralize employee files. The solution is highly configurable, and can be tailored to fit desired workflows and processes. HR administrators can find documents not only easily, but also find out what’s missing. HR is able to stay ahead of about-to-expire documentation and request employees to recertify or renew required documentation to mitigate risk.

SuccessFactors employee work-life events involve generating different types of documents, which then flow into the employee's PeopleDoc digital file folders. When new documents are uploaded, or subsequently edited or deleted, they are reflected in real time in PeopleDoc. Using PeopleDoc, you can securely share files with legal and compliance teams and 3rd parties.

Configuring integration with PeopleDoc is simple. An administrative user needs to enter your company’s PeopleDoc account credentials in Configure Document Management page within Admin Center.


A planned enhancement is to make metadata associated with documents available in PeopleDoc to support more flexible organization and search of documents within PeopleDoc. Authorized administrators with access to enterprise PeopleDoc accounts will be able to manage employee documents in one place and grant access to other admins.