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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Kindly find consolidated list of features that are “Must Know” items for Onboarding Solution in 1H 2023 Release.

Sl. No Feature  Description Reference Number
1. Custom Email Triggers for RCM Initiation /MPH Flow. It provides a method to trigger emails for Onboarding process steps that aren't supported by preconfigured email notifications. OBX-10920
2. Configurable Due Date for New Hire Task Collection Using this configuration, you can define a custom due date which can be applied to all new hire tasks. These tasks include Personal Data Collection, Additional Data Collection, New Hire Data Review, Document Flows, and Onboarding Rehire Verification. OBX-16753
3. Hire Template With the configurable new hire feature, you can create hire templates with the blocks needed for the type of employment you’re hiring for in Onboarding OBX-13936
4. Access to Custom data Collection Documents in Dashboard This enhancement allows you to access document uploads that are uploaded during Additional Data Collection along with documents signed during the Onboarding and the Compliance document workflow. You can access these document uploads by selecting the specific new hire from the Onboarding Dashboard (New) and then selecting Actions-Onboarding Documents from the New Hire Details page. OBX-24050
5. Process Variant Manager Update for Custom ONB Flow

We’ve enhanced the Process Variant Manager to ensure that the custom Onboarding process flows are upgraded automatically when a major release or a patch release is deployed after the current release.

With this enhancement, you no longer need to update the custom Onboarding process flows manually in Process Variant Manager


Enhancements to Onboarding Responsible Groups for U.S. Form I-9 and E-Verify

You can now assign responsible groups containing up to 200 people to the U.S. Form I-9 and E-Verify tasks. OBX-24067
7. Onboarding Guide Page Enhancement The cards in the Know Your Key People section of a new hire's Onboarding Journey now identify the Manager and the new hire's buddy. WEF-25328
8. Offboardee Experience on New Homepage The new Offboardee cards enable offboardees to complete their Offboarding tasks as well as track and nudge Offboarding tasks that are completed by other participants OBX-21906
9. Rehire with New Employment on Legal Entity. You can now initiate the transfer of an existing employee from one legal entity to another within the organization (either within the same country/region or across countries/regions) by terminating the employee's employment and rehiring them with a new employment


10. Check Tool Enhancement Users can identify errors before initiating Onboarding OBX-24434


Release Resources :

WNV: SAP SuccessFactors What's New | SAP Help Portal

Release Information : SAP SuccessFactors Release Information | SAP Help Portal

Check Tool/Email Trigger/Legal Entity Transfer : Blogs will be Published on these major deliverables  and i will be updating links Once Published.


Gopinath M

Senior Solution Support Architect - Onboarding, Cloud Product Support, India