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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP SuccessFactors is Human Experience Management (HXM) solution from SAP. In the SAP SuccessFactors include HR Management and HR Development or Talent management. By SAP SuccessFactors, itself, we can work with it anywhere and anytime because it is cloud based solution. In term of device also, it can run on any platforms and browsers.

  • Click here for detail about browser.

  • Click here for detail about mobile application.

Information above is the standard method to access SAP SuccessFactors solution, but these standard may be not make familiarity feeling with employee to access. Why don't we provide the service on the application that our employee normally use like chat application, ex. WeChat - popular chat application in China mainland, Facebook Messenger, Kakao Talk in Korea, LINE in Japan and Thailand. Let popular native app in your country help lead employees to HR service.

Application introduction, Application icon picture from Google Play Store and Apple App Store

How to connect HR service on SAP SuccessFactors with chat application

There are 3 services we should have

  • First, definitely, we run our HR service on SAP SuccessFactors

  • Second, we should have our own account on the chat application that employee can follow this account to start the HR service

  • Third, the integration service to help connect SAP SuccessFactors and our own account on chat application. SAP provide standard integration for SAP SuccessFactors customer which call Social Media Integration Service.

SMI Concept

How Social Media Integration Service work

It is the service in the middle to connect your SAP SuccessFactors to verify employee user on SAP SuccessFactors and also keep your employee chat application user as matching. It will allow only employee in your organization who has a user on SAP SuccessFactors only can use the HR service. The outsider or ex-employee follow company official account cannot access the service.

In another way, the service connect with the company official account in the chat application with the HR service menu for your employee to start the HR transaction.

Leave request process

Simple HR business process is leave request, employee can send leave request on chat application, next manager can view his/her task to approve leave on the chat. All the information will be sent to SAP SuccessFactors to maintain transaction.

Behind the scene the information employee or manager take action on the chat application, the information flow from chat application to Social Media Integration service then SAP SuccessFactors and the response from SAP SuccessFactors flow back to the chat application to interact with employee and manager. Sound difficult and complex which the Social Media Integration service handle it for you already. Only the chat application part for you to talk with employee how to work with it.

Leave process behind the scene

Chat application is the user interface for employees, they may not aware that they start their HR transaction on SAP SuccessFactors on the chat application. This is a sample, there are more to explore on Social Media Integration Service.

What Social Media Integration Service able to do now (As of Jul 2021)

The Social Media Integration Service is the localized solution for country specific.

In China, WeChat is the main chat application they normally used. The Social Media Integration Service provide for WeChat can integrate with

  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, service call Employee Self-Service. more detail click here.

  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, more detail click here. Additional service for Recruiting call Candidate pipeline.

  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goal Management.

  • Another service not HR is SAP Analytics Cloud, click here.

In Japan and Thailand, LINE application is a popular chat application. Service provide for LINE application

  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, click here.

  • SAP Analytics Cloud, click here.


This is overview information about Social Media Integration Service, it is an option for your company or HR team to connect with your employee more smooth on the new service or the current service on the mobile device. Nowadays everything is changed and moved so fast and people found the new thing everyday. People need to learn the new thing all the time. Something they used to it, it is more comfort to reach to them. Wish this service solution and information here can support you to engage your employee more easy.