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Years ago when I was a customer of SAP’s, my boss and I were envisioning the best way to support SAP end users. We had a vision. We wanted the ability to provide the SAP help that our 20,000 end users were seeking without ever having them look outside of SAP. A vendor came to see us and started presenting solutions for which we had little interest when suddenly, there it was…Slide 13.

They presented an image where all the answers an end user could need were right there on the SAP screen with a click of a button. I’m not talking about “F1” help. This was smart content, customized for the customer, and the promise that our end users would never have to leave SAP to search for answers. The answers were at their fingertips. We reached for our checkbook.

Sadly, Slide 13 was slideware. It was an idea, but it was nowhere close to being ready for purchase, and in fact, it never would be from that vendor.

The Day SAP Enable Now made Slide 13 Real
Several years later when I first learned about SAP Enable Now, I was over the moon. Having spent much of my career focusing on adoption, conceptually to have a solution where I could not only create content and recordings while using SAP, but where much of the content was already created for me was a dream come true.

At the top of every SAP screen, there’s a simple yellow question mark. That’s SAP Enable Now, standing by to give users guided tours, contextual help…whatever they need to keep working  You can even take SAP Enable Now to the next level using proactive notifications in support of in-app change management.

The unfortunate truth I’ve learned from many SAP customers is that training is often an afterthought.

For example, let’s say that midway through implementation, there’s the realization that training may not have gotten the attention it deserved. Someone decides to pull together a few hasty presentations and user guides. The assumption is that end users would respond to this approach and magically know how to use SAP from day one. This is not a solid assumption.

Another common mistake before go-live is assuming that hours of training content in classrooms and e-learning formats, will be a one-time event. The truth is, things will change. It’s the nature of business. I’ve visited customers who have training on servers, in binders and filing cabinets, and in the form of printed user guides that are dog-eared or have sticky notes throughout, sitting on a desk somewhere.

We live in a digital world. Today, training stored on servers and in printed guides is not sustainable. In fact, end users of SAP demand more. They want the ease of use of their smart phones or the ability to get answers to their questions without searching.

All this is why we often jokingly refer to SAP Enable Now as a “no brainer” for anyone on the road to transformation with SAP S/4HANA or SAP SuccessFactors. No other solution has the ability to support adoption of SAP solutions like SAP Enable Now.

Slide 13 was an idea, a hope, a remedy to all our problems. It was the user-adoption North Star of my dreams. SAP Enable Now makes that dream a reality.

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