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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
There’s been a lot of new activity with SAP SuccessFactors Mobile app which we are excited to share with you. In the 2H 2021 release we have the reimagined Home Page experience which includes workflow management, team experience, and time management. We also have the initial release of the Opportunity Marketplace, and now provide complete learning assessments on mobile applications. Finally, we are happy to announce that matrix managers are allowed to view the goal plans for their matrix reports in the latest version of Goal Management. All of this is available in the 2H 2021 release. Now let’s drill into the details.


Reimagined Home Page Experience

What is it?

With this new Home Page experience, users have a new way to consume and interact
with critical information such as:

  • Categories of approval and non-approval to-dos are currently supported, users will be able to view a consolidated list of to-dos on Homepage

  • Engagement Cards: non-approval to-dos, service/birthday anniversary cards, delegate approval, upcoming delegation

  • Quick Actions: team calendar, digital punch clock, workflow delegation and more


TEldridge_5-1637246611861.png TEldridge_6-1637246688558.png


Workflow Management on the Re-imagined Homepage

What is it?

The Workflow Management is a new way for users to consume and interact with critical information. Users can:

  • Set up the workflow delegation configuration

  • Approve and access SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and MDF Workflow approvals

  • View upcoming delegations and leverage native calendars to set up reminders


My Team Experience on Re-imagined Homepage

What is it?

The My Team Experience on the re-imagined homepage delivers efficiency for managers so they have easy access to:

  •               See an overview of their Team

  •               Provide actions for their direct reports

  •               View their Teams’ upcoming birthdays and service anniversaries


Time Management on Re-imagined Homepage

What is it?

This newest capability provides efficiency for users on homepage to access their time management. Users can take advantage of:

  • Mobile digital punch clock as part of SAP SuccessFactors App to clock in and clock out

  • Approve time off and timesheet quick approvals cards on Homepage, and “View All” to see the time events of all team members side by side for comparison or approval


Initial Release of Opportunity Marketplace

What is it?

With the new release of Opportunity Marketplace we have created a curated experience aimed at helping employees identify new opportunities to keep them engaged in the workplace. Within Opportunity Marketplace employees will be able to gain short stint experience, upskill themselves, and explore career options:

  • As applicants, they can learn details about various assignments, bookmark the desired ones, get in touch with assignment owners, and directly apply for assignments.

  • As self-motivators, they can see their current proficiency and the expected proficiency of capabilities required by an assignment to understand how to improve to best fit the assignment.

  • As learners, they're offered learning resources to foster their skill sets.

  • As opportunity seekers, they can mark the roles that interest them and get personalized recommendations for their future development.




 Learning Assessment

What is it?

We are excited to share that employees can now complete learning assessments on their mobile applications.




Support for Goal Plan States

What is it?

With this release, managers can view the goal plans for their matrix reports in the latest version of Goal Management directly from the people selector. This new functionality:

  • Supports parity with the legacy version of goal management

  • Expands functionality within the latest version of goal management to support organizational talent processes.




I hope that this has given you a good insight into what to expect for SAP SuccessFactors Mobile Application in the 2H 2021 release. To see and hear more about these enhancements, please be sure to register for the 2H 2021 Release Highlights for the SAP SuccessFactors Mobile Experience and Home Page webinar on December 7, 2021.

If you have questions, please leave then in the comments below, or ask them in the SAP SuccessFactors Mobile Forum of the SAP SuccessFactors customer community Mobile product page.

For information on release highlights across the SAP SuccessFactors HXM suite, see the Highlights Overview blog.