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DON’T MISS SAPRadio Changing the Game with HR Episode 7: "Health and Wellness: New Call to Action for HR” – on Changing the Game with HR Radio – June 1, 2017 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET – Follow us on Twitter: #SAPRadio

This show is part of a 10-episode SAP SuccessFactors radio series that started on January 19 and will continue to air every three weeks on Thursdays at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET on the VoiceAmerica network Business Channel, SAP Radio Changing the Game with HR. The series will run through August 2017. All shows will be recorded and available for download or live playing via the website. Our last show aired on May 5, 2017, titled: Can technology help business move beyond bias is available here.

From insurance provider to wellness enabler, it appears that the role of HR may very well include a focus on the welfare of its workforce. There is no question that health is tied to quality of life and quality of work. Good health and well-being practices influence how people work with each other and relate to one another. While HR is responsible for creating, and executing on people strategies that attract, retain, develop, engage and bring out the best in the talent pool, some worry that health and well-being initiatives may cross a line.

As it stands now, there is very little personal ownership that each person has in the data that paints a story of his/her life. From bank transactions to a journey along a tolled highway, every move and interest is tracked. This is no different at work yet with this topic, there is more sensitivity. While personal data and ethical debates may continue, evidence indicates that organizations that invest in the health and well-being of their workforce realize significant financial impact.

Reduced time-off and sick leave combined have enabled leaders to harness a healthier workforce. And, for those companies located in the US, the federal government offers tax incentives and grants to aid in reducing the burden of healthcare costs while increasing the wellness of the workforce. Yet, laws around data privacy and security have yet to modernize for topics such as this one, where the fitbitization of employer provided health programs do more than provide insurance, they are instrumental in changing how the lives of their employees are lived, track data from multiple sources including personal fitness devices integrated with enterprise systems, which may lead to different choices based on those who fit a certain health profile.

The radio show will offer a new perspective on the healthcare in the workplace and how HR leaders can foster well-being among the workforce. Topics include:

  • how health and wellbeing increase productivity and financial performance

  • relationship between organization, workforce, and financial health

  • how HR can transform from an ‘insurance provider’ mindset to a ‘total health’ mindset

Join host Bonnie D. Graham as she talks with:

  • Joe Sherwood, Lead HCM Researcher, SAP SuccessFactors

  • Linda Townsend, Founder, Release Well-Being Center

  • Grant Gordon, CEO, Artemis Health

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