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Hi Everyone! Hope you and your loved ones are staying safe. SAP SuccessFactors Visa & Permits Management is a product I have continued to work with and learn more about and am really happy with how much it has matured. In case you are not familiar with it, it has turned into a robust platform with a variety of use cases and it is continuing to grow. In my Core HR blog in H1/2020 I posted the following screenshot and am including it here as well to show some of the industry possibilities we have run across.

Earlier this year we also covered a use case on how VPM can help employees return to the workplace safely which has details in this blog by my colleague Negar Naderi

Another use case covered by my colleagues Margaret West is how it can be used to manage Vaccinations

For more information also make sure to check out the terrific content available on-demand from SuccessConnect. This includes deep dive roadmap presentations. For information on how to access those from within SuccessConnect, see this post from my colleague Chloe Nguyen on the SuccessFactors Community. For Visa & Permits Management there is a standalone roadmap presented by my colleague Hany that is worth checking out to understand the things we are working on.


Earlier this year we delivered a half dozen new SAP Analytics Cloud which was covered in this blog “The Latest on SAP SuccessFactors Visa and Permits Management” by Negar and now we are happy to add two additional reports for monitoring documents and processes. Please note for these repots this does require an SAP Analytics Cloud subscription.

Document Expiration Monitoring

The first item is about monitoring document expiration to help with compliance. In some processes there are direct financial penalties when you have a certificate expires, with other processes it can cause delays and logistical issues that are costly when something slips through the crack. With this new pre-delivered a big hold up with a certain document expiring. With this new dashboard you have full visibility into the status of documents so your administrators can take appropriate action and plan accordingly.

Request Monitoring

The second item is a new report for monitoring processes and requests to helps understand where different processers (Return to work request, Visa Request) are to allow organizations to make sure they are staying on top of these processes.

Onboarding 2.0 Processes

We previously  delivered Integration with Onboarding 1.0 but in this release, we are happy to deliver integration with Onboarding 2.0 to allow administrators to initiate processes (Visas/Return to Work/Vaccination and more) for new hires which will also allow them to start and track the status of the requests. This will allow a more streamlined experience so you can start these key processes during the Onboarding process

Posting Employee Expenses & Deductions to Payroll

With this release the process for employee expenses has been improved with the ability to post expenses to be paid out or withheld via Payroll via Employee Central. In some cases you may want to capture the cost of a process handled within VPM (Visa fee, Vaccination cost) which was paid by an employee and want to reimburse them from Payroll automatically. Alternatively, you have some cost which was paid by the employer but should be deducted within Payroll to pass this cost along to the employee. The way this process works is the pay component (Expense or Deduction) will be sent to Employee Central which is then sent to Payroll for reimbursement/deduction.

Enhanced Configurability

A customer request and one that is part of our goal of being a robust platform to cover a variety of use cases, we are happy to provide more flexibility in the customization of a request initiation form by being able to add custom fields. Previously you could only use the delivered fields to do things such as entering notes or attachments, but you could not add additional information. Now you can add your own fields that the person submitting the request is able to. This could be like collecting the name of the hospital/facility you got a test, the desk someone will sit at, or more.

Where can I find More Information?

Please add your thoughts in the comments and if you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly.