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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
With the 2H2021 release now in preview, I wanted to provide a quick overview of some of the enhancements for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. With this release, we continue our focus on flexibility, providing your teams with the self-service and configuration options to ensure continued alignment with your organization’s recruiting processes and resulting experiences. In addition, we’re pleased to highlight the addition of three new to-do tasks on the latest Home Page and nine new job board additions to the Job Board Market Place.

While all of these items – plus a few more – can be found on the What’s New Viewer, the below provides a quick snapshot of the highlights and benefits for a few key areas:

User Experience Enhancements

New To-Do tasks on the latest Home Page: With this release, we add several To-Do tasks for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting to the Home Page:

  • Approve Job Offer: Prompts you to review and approve pending job offers (Approvals)

  • Approve Job Requisition: Prompts you to review and approve pending job requisitions (Approvals)

  • Complete Interview Assessment: Prompts interviewers to provide their feedback on pending assessments (For You Today)

Subheading level option added to Job Description template to improve accessibility: To make job profiles and job postings accessibility compliant, you can now select a subheading level for each section of the job description template within Job Profile Builder. This enables screen readers to identify subheadings in job descriptions, making it easier to navigate the content.

Career Site Builder Enhancements  

Self-Service Support for Career Site SSL Certificate Renewals: With this release, Career Site Builder has a new feature that lets organizations perform the steps needed to renew their SSL certificates for their public career sites by themselves, without the need to work with Product Support. Through the SSL Certificates page, organizations can generate their own certificate signing request, as well as upload and install their new SSL certificates. This permission can be enabled for existing roles. In addition, a new role can be created to only provide access to the SSL Certificates page for others who are not CSB administrators, such as your IT Security team. This transition to self-service, coupled with the automated reminders made available in the previous release (now defaulted to send 90 days before a certificate expires), make it easier and faster for customers to manage their SSL certificates and ensure a positive career site experience. (Note: This is production instances only; this will not be visible when viewing a test site.)

Functions Viewer for CSB admins to view and delete existing functions: The functions, which were created by your implementation partner, transform strings in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting job posting data before they appear in your Career Site Builder career site. For example, this could be an original string of "California" that's replaced by "CA" or "DESCRIPTION" that's replaced by "Description". With the new Functions Viewer, CSB admins can view existing functions and as you fix the original strings at the source, the functions can be deleted.

Brilliant Hire by SAP configuration option: Career Site Builder now has an option (Enable Brilliant Hire by SAP) that allows organizations to enable the AI-powered, Smart Job Matching functionality on the external career site, under Site Settings. The Smart Job Matching capability allows candidates to input and select skills when searching for a job, to be presented with a ranked list of jobs based on the match level. An additional license with Brilliant Hire by SAP is required. Note that language support is currently only available for English U.S., with French and German to be supported in 2022.

Job Posting Enhancements

Job Posting Visibility option to view all posted jobs: With this enhancement, you can now view all the posted jobs in the Job Posting Table irrespective of whether you are associated with the posting profile used for posting the job requisition or not. This ensures than an expired or deactivated job associated with a posting profile is eligible for reposting using another posting profile. By default, you can only view the posted jobs associated with your Posting Profile. Disabling the Job Posting Visibility option ensures that all users have permission to view the posted jobs.

Automatically fill job posting forms with multiple languages: Previously, fields within the job posting forms were prefilled in the main language of the job posting with no means of prefilling with additional languages. With this enhancement, you can now set up rules to automatically fill job posting forms in different languages, either with default values or with rules based on job requisitions. This will help users who post multilingual jobs to save time and ensure consistency across all languages.

New Job Boards in the Job Board Market Place: 9 new job boards have been added to the Job Board Market Place, including:

  • Vic – Australia

  • Get on board – Australia

  • Jobs and Skills Exchange – Australia

  • Aboriginal job board – Canada

  • Careermine – Canada

  • hk – Hong Kong

  • pl – Poland

  • Jobfindah – United States of America

  • Direct Employers – United States of America

We are excited to deliver these new innovations and continue our path to HXM with our Recruiting customers.  For full details, please check out the What’s New Viewer.