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Yes, it is already March and the first SAP SuccessFactors release is out. Let me briefly introduce you to our highlights:

Let's start with our enhancements to our data protection and data privacy features. With those we want to ensure regulatory compliance with data privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our updated set of data protection and privacy tools includes:

  • Data Blocking: Restricting access to personal data based on user role and data lifespan

  • Data Purging: Setting data retention policies and managing the permanent deletion of personal data

  • Data Subject Information Reporting: Reporting on personal data of individuals

  • Consent Management: Managing customer-controlled consent statements and permission to store and process personal data


Read Kim Lessley’s blog “Cross-Border Data Transfer and EU Access Service” to get an understanding of the GDPR. And, to learn how SAP helps you achieve compliance, read this article.
To learn about data purge and anonymization read this just published blog by Kim Lessley.

Mobile - my favorite in this release! We have a lot of new and great functionality in our SAP SuccessFactors Mobile App. My personal highlight is supporting the native Face ID functionality in the iPhone X, which provides a secure and easy-to-use login process. Other new mobile capabilities are:

  • Goal details (key milestones, targets and tasks) can be added directly in our mobile app. Furthermore, in our mobile app for iOS goals can be linked directly to the continuous performance achievements.

  • Learning customers using our mobile app on Android can filter learning assignments and content only for those, which are mobile enabled. In addition, the content can be downloaded as well.

  • Time and attendance can be reported directly for the mobile app home screen.

To learn more about our Q2 mobile highlights, check out this blog by Gabriela BurlacuGabriela Burlacu.

Download the app, available for iOS and Android devices.


But, this is not all. We have other exciting enhancements such as the recruiting job analyzer for U.S.-based job requisitions. The job analyzer performs a gender biased language check for requisitions as well as suggests intelligent salary ranges so you can more effortlessly recruit the best candidates. Learn more about the job analyzer by reading Jeff Mill's blog.

More highlights include:

  • Two new country versions (Namibia and Kuwait) in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central; now with a total number of 91

  • For Employee Central Payroll, our number increased to 42 supported countries

  • Off-cycle payroll process support in the payroll control center

  • Use custom pick lists in the Succession and Development solution to ensure more intelligent mentor-mentee matches. Read Janne Wise blog to learn about mentoring in SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development.

Where to find more about this release:

  • EC Time and Attendance – Q1 2018 new features blog by Volker Ruof

  • To learn about our Core HR SuccessFactors Q1 2018 Release Highlights read this blog by Frans Smolder

These are just a few of the enhancements you will see in this release. Read our Q1 2018 Release Highlights document and listen to our new head of product, Amy Wilson, in our release video on YouTube.

Check back into this blog as I will add more information from time to time.
And, more information on this release can be found on the product update pages in our SAP SuccessFactors customer community – registration required.

Our next release is planned for Q2 2018. We’ll send you a summary of release highlights shortly beforehand. However, you can review a detailed release summary, which is published in our customer community, four weeks prior to the release.

For SAP SuccessFactors Professional Edition, some features may not be available or may become available at a later date.
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