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Product and Topic Expert

Whether you’re looking to go digital with your compliance forms, enhance your offboarding experience, or further automate and customize your onboarding processes, the first half (1H) 2021 release for SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding has several enhancements that you’ll want to take note of. While all of these items – plus a few more – can be found on the What’s New Viewer, the below provides a quick snapshot of the highlights and benefits to expect in a few key areas:


Compliance Enhancements


Compliance forms for the United States: With this release, the Form I-9 moves to general availability and now includes support for E-Verify (Early Adopter) (see demo video here), remote completion, and Section 3 (Reverification). An enhancement has been made to allow admins to initiate data correction for Section 1 and Section 2 of Form I-9. Custom reporting via People Analytics of Form I-9 and E-Verify is now available for auditing purposes. With these additions, coupled with what was previously released in 2H2020, we are pleased to announce the completion of the of the pre-delivered U.S. federal forms.

For State Withholding forms, the PA Residency Certification Form is now available (see table of supported forms here). Any required yearly updates for the supported State forms and the U.S. Federal (W-4) have been made.

Compliance forms for Canada: For Canada, the TD1 forms (federal and provincial) are now available (see demo video here). Like the other country-specific compliance forms already available, these new Canada forms can be used in conjunction with the SAP SuccessFactors platform capabilities, including Document Management, eSignature (SAP Signature Management by DocuSign or SAP SuccessFactors eSignature), and the E-mail services framework.

User Experience Enhancements 


Enhancements to Onboarding Dashboard (New): We previously released a new onboarding dashboard to provide a more comprehensive view and efficient handling of tasks. While this onboarding dashboard (new) is currently available for opt-in, it will become the default in the future and therefore, we continue to provide enhancements. This release includes the following (see demo video here😞 

  • Improvements to new hire search, allowing hiring mangers to see a prepopulated list of names based on input and granted target population

  • Checklist Tasks available under New Hire Details with ability to add, edit, and reassign with automated notifications for delegates

  • Ability to initiate correction for section 1 from the Action menu on the New Hire Details page of dashboard

  • View case details from Department of Homeland Security using the E-Verify Case Details link on the New Hire Details page 

Qualtrics email surveys for offboarding: A new survey touchpoint is available with SAP Qualtrics Employee Lifecycle during the Offboarding process (Event: Initiate Offboarding) (see demo video here). This allows surveys to be automatically distributed to exiting employees, allowing consistent gathering of feedback during this important stage of the employee lifecycle. (note: Enabling this feature requires a Qualtrics license for Lifecycle projects).

Configuration & Process Enhancements


Employee Central custom fields prepopulated in compliance forms: With this enhancement, prepopulated fields in the compliance forms can now be mapped with values from custom fields versus the default mappings to standard fields. For example, if you have a custom address format configured, this custom information can now be reflected in your compliance forms.

New hire locale automatically set based on entry during recruiting process: With this enhancement, the locale for the external new hire is updated automatically when you initiate the Onboarding process from SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, an external Applicant Tracking System (ATS), or by using the Admin page Add New Hire to Onboarding. If no locale is set, the application will use the default value set in Provisioning (note: you can specify the default locate in the Default Language field of Company Settings).

Internal hire process to retain existing Employee Central data if not passed from SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting: Previously, the internal hire process was blocked if (1) some of the mandatory job information fields in the Employee Data Model weren’t passed from Recruiting or (2) if there were invalid values in the mandatory compensation information fields passed from Recruiting. With this enhancement, if the data is missing or invalid, the internal process is no longer blocked but instead, the existing data from the employee’s record will be shown in the New Hire Data Review page.

Change in offboarding Knowledge Transfer task permissions: With the knowledge transfer feature, you can assign tasks to specific employees to ensure knowledge is gathered from the offboardee before their departure. Previously, this task assignment also required the Process object permission, which gave the employee assigned to the knowledge task full visibility into the offboarding dashboard. With this enhancement, you can now assign only the knowledge transfer task permission, limiting the employee’s visibility to a specific task for a specific offboardee.

Ability to limit visibility of external users based on permission group: With this enhancement, permission groups can now be used to limit the visibility of external new hires to only those aligned with the internal user’s specified department, division, and location. For example, a hiring manager will only be able to see the external users and associated tasks for the new hires assigned to their specific department.

External User Visibility tool for flexibility of managing object visibility for new hires: After the basic Onboarding setup, you can use this tool to display objects to new hires during the Personal Data Collection setup. This allows you to make certain objects visible without contacting SAP Cloud Support. See a list of the objects that can be made visible to new hires here.

Russia Data Residency Solution update for onboarding: With this configuration option, the Initiate Onboarding, New Hire Data Review, Personal Data Collection, and Manage Pending Hire process steps in onboarding will save the new hire's Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data from Day 1 onwards in the Russian Data Center. Please note that custom scenarios, including Custom Data Collection, Custom Compliance, and Document Flow, are not supported.

We are excited to deliver these new innovations and continue our path to HXM with our Onboarding customers.  For a full view of the 1H2021 release for SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding, please refer to the What’s New Viewer.