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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
You shared your ideas and we listened! The 2H 2022 release for SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding is full of Customer Community Ideas, spanning user experience enhancements, process improvements, and more.

While all of the 2H 2022 release items can be found on the What’s New Viewer, the below provides a quick snapshot of the highlights and benefits in a few key areas:

User Experience Enhancements

New hire onboarding guided experience via SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone: We are excited to deliver a new hire guided experience template within SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone that brings together SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding with third-party applications. This highly requested experience will further help organizations to simplify complex onboarding processes, provide engaging and personalized experiences, and quickly launch onboarding programs with templates for Before the first day, First day, and First three months.

Check out Robert Wood’s Work Zone Highlights video for a firsthand look at this new hire guided experience:

New UI elements for Onboarding Dashboard (New): We continue to enhance the Onboarding Dashboard (New), which provides HR teams and managers with full visibility of new hire onboarding tasks. With this release, the following enhancements have been delivered: (see demo here)

  • Contact icon next to names for easy viewing of contact details

  • Notification badge for number of pending tasks on task status

  • Direct click from status buttons into assigned tasks

  • View Details button replaced with > for navigation to task details page

Enhancements to Onboarding Responsible Groups (Customer Community Idea)We’ve made several enhancements to improve the experience of managing responsible groups. Now, in Onboarding General Settings, all responsible groups can be displayed. In addition, you can now search and filter the responsible groups by ID or name and sort the groups by name. Lastly, you can add up to 200 people from roles, static users, and dynamic groups in one responsible group and assign those groups to the following tasks: New hire data review, New hire activities, Offboarding data review, Offboarding activities.

General Display Name on Onboarding Pages: In support of the suite wide initiative, Onboarding, Internal Hire, and Offboarding pages all support General Display Name. In addition, Full name token in email notifications also supports General Display Name. Detailed information regarding what’s available and any noted limitations can be found here.

Configuration & Process Enhancements

Rehire with Old Employment now Generally Available (Customer Community Idea)Previously available as Early Adopter, we are happy to share Rehire with Old Employment is now Generally Available, enabling rehire coordinators to rehire a former employee based on an old employment record when onboarding is initiated manually, through SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, or using an external Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This allows for customized hiring processes, such as seasonal hiring, while also ensuring continuity of employment and training records. See demo here.

Custom notification tokens (Customer Community Idea)In addition to the standard tokens which are available in the email notification template, organizations can now add custom tokens, such as Legal Entity or Position, to the email notifications. This increases the efficiency for all participants involved in the onboarding process, including line managers, buddies, and other non-HR roles, by providing all required information directly within the email notification.

Internal hire process enhancements (Customer Community Idea):  Several of the data validation processes which leverage functionalities of Centralized Services in SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central have been improved with the goal of enhancing the internal hire process. This enhancement supports six specific use cases on the data review pages, including two that came direct from our customer community: ‘Rule support for onChange and onSave events for the Employee Central entities: Job_Info, Comp_Info, Employment_Info, Job_Relations_Info, Pay_Component_Recurring, and Pay_Component_Non_Recurring and’ and ‘Automatic update of event reasons by Event Reason Derivation business rules when the internal hiring process is initiated from Recruiting’.

OnInit Business Rule Support for Onboarding pages (Customer Community Idea):  OnInit rules can now be applied to pages within SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding, including New Hire Data Review, Personal Data Collection, and Rehire Data Review. They can also be applied on the Provide Additional Data page when the onboarding process is initiated from the Add New Hire to Onboarding page. Please note that the OnInit rules must be enabled within the Admin Center.

Enhancements to the Hire Date Correction Tool (Customer Community Idea)Previously, it was necessary to change past and present hire dates in the Job Information History UI, as the Hire Data Correction Tool was only available for future-dated hires. With this enhancement, the Hire Date Correction Tool can now be used to enter past and present hire dates. This is important for several scenarios, including onboarding new hires, and will save HR admins time by eliminating the need to make manual job information updates.

Compliance Enhancements

Compliance form updates available via SAP Help Portal: We continue to support new forms with SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding. including five new state forms for the United States with this release (see full list of pre-delivered forms here). Starting in October 2022, we moved compliance form updates out of the What's New Viewer to ensure timely communications as updates are made based on local jurisdictions requirements. For compliance updates before October 2022, look in the What's New Viewer. For compliance updates on or after October 2022, go to the Compliance Form Updates content.

U.S. Form I-9 and E-Verify Enhancements: To further enhance the user experience on the compliance front, we’ve added new preconfigured email templates, validation messages, and home page tasks for the U.S. Form I-9 and E-Verify. In addition to this, several other updates have been made for the Form I-9 and E-Verify, which are detailed here.

Integration Updates

New API: Get the Username of the Newly Hired Employee: Previously, any downstream applications from Onboarding would use the employee’s personal email id as the new hire’s username. Now, with the getUserNameOfNewlyHiredEmployee API, you can get the username of the new hire after they have gone through the Manage Pending Hire process. Note that this is applicable to the newly hired employees whose joining dates are in the future.

We are excited to deliver these new innovations and continue our partnership and success with our Onboarding customers.  For a full view of the 2H2022 release for SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding, please refer to the What’s New Viewer.