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When Onboarding new employees, present key company policies to help them adjust to their new workplace. You must consider giving new hires an employee handbook in digital format where they can find details about all policies in one place. They can read the company policies at their own pace before the start date. These company documents could be Compensation policy, Employee Leave Policy, Workplace Regulations, and Benefits Overview such as Health and Life Insurance plan, Use of Company Car, Wellness programs, and so on.

SAP SuccessFactors Custom Home Page tiles enable you to make relevant content available to new hires based on variables such as work country, locale, start date, and so on.

New hires can access Company Benefit tile from the home page prior to start date under “Onboarding 2.0” section. Once the new hires click on tile, they can see the content and their related links.



Please Follow below steps to configure Home page Company Document tile



  • SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0 is configured

  • Admin should be have access to Manage Document and Manage Home page.


Step 1: Upload Company Documents under Manage Documents

  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Manage Documents.

  2. Click Upload Company Document

  3. Browse and upload a document.

  4. Add a description for the document you just uploaded.

  5. Select document category.

  6. Click OK.

Result: You can see that the document is successfully uploaded in the Document Management System.


Step 2: Define Rule to select documents uploaded in step 1 and show it on Custom Tile Configuration page

  1. To create new rule, go to Admin Center -->Configure Business

  2. Select Rule scenario Show New Hire Onboarding from Custom Tile (Decision Rule).

  3. Provide a rule condition as per your criteria such as Company, or Country.

    • Remember you can set a rule on fields which are exposed to the external user.

    • Refer to the following example for Legal entity /Company Based rule


Rule for UK Company code:


Rule for USA Company code:



Step 3: Create Custom Tile

  1. Navigate to Admin Center > Manage Home Page > Create Custom

  2. Provide tile name, background image, and add other required fields.

  3. Under Navigation section, toggle the Rule-Based switch to “ON” and select the Rule Scenario as “Show New Hire Onboarding content”.

  4. Select the Rule defined in step 2.

Note: You can choose multiple rules as well.





Step 4: Design Tile pop-up UI content

  1. Select the Rules tab and select the

  2. Add the content. Note: Rich text editor provides you options to format tile pop-up content.

  3. To add the document link, click Insert Document Link.



Step 5: Design Tile pop-up UI content for other Language

Select the language and add the localized content.


Step 6: Dynamic Tile content based on rule condition match for new hire

Same custom tile can be used to display different content for new hires joining in different countries.


Step 7: Tile Assignment

  1. To display a tile to the new hire under the Onboarding section, select Onboarding 2.0 from Section

  2. Select User Group and set the start date range to activate tile.


Examples for Company tile

Example 1:

New hire Kim Smith will be joining a UK based company, and her preferred language is English.

Kim Smith can access Company benefit tile from the home page and can read the policies in English language.



Example 2: New hire Oscar Lang will be joining a UK based company and his preferred language is German.

Oscar Lang can access the Company Benefit tile from the home page and read through the policies in German language.


Example 3:

New hire John Jacob will be joining a USA based company.

John Jacob can access the Company Benefit tile from the home page and read through the policies in his region.



Admin can upload new document(s) with predefined category. Admin can view a list of uploaded documents in Document Management System to manage documents presented to New hires. A single document or multiple documents can be selected to be assigned to the custom tile using rule configuration.

New hire can access company document(s) from the home page custom tile to learn about different aspects of the company such as policies, culture, and benefits in his locale language.
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