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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Your hiring managers and participants supporting your onboarding and offboarding programs play a critical role in ensuring a positive experience for your new hires and departing employees. With the 1H 2022 release, we are making it easier to take action with new To-Dos and an enhanced experience on the latest home page. In addition, there are several other user experience, configuration and process, and compliance enhancements included in this release.

While all of these items – plus a few more – can be found on the What’s New Viewer, the below provides a quick snapshot of the highlights and benefits in a few key areas:

User Experience Enhancements

Enhanced Manager and Participant Experience for Onboarding/Offboarding on latest Home Page: Building on the excitement of the new hire experience from the 2H 2021 release, we are pleased to launch a new and improved hiring manager and participant experience on the latest Home Page. This streamlined experience makes it easier for those supporting onboarding and offboarding programs to stay engaged and on track. Dedicated Onboarding/Offboarding Home Page To-Dos give users a consolidated view and organized tasks based upon priority, including Data Review, Compliance, Manager Activities (onboarding process), and Manager Activities (offboarding process).

Check out Bianka Woelke’s video for a quick demo of the manager experience:

Meetings now available with New Hire Experience on latest Home Page: In addition to the enhanced new hire experience that was made available with the 2H 2021 release, new hires can now view onboarding meetings in the “Your Onboarding Guide” on the latest home page. This includes meetings organized by managers or onboarding participants and orientation meetings initiated by HR admins.

Custom cards based on start date of new hires: With this release, custom cards displayed on the latest home page can now be based on the new hire’s start date, with the option to define how many days before and after the start date the card will be visible. This is in addition to the two previous options to display the custom card as Always or for a Fixed Date Range. See demo here.

Configuration & Process Enhancements

Rehire with Old Employment – EARLY ADOPTER: This release brings the option to Rehire on Old Employment for new hires onboarded through SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. Permissions within the Rehire Coordinator assignment group have been enhanced, allowing for multiple groups to be defined and business rules to automate the assignment of group tasks. A Profile Match Verification page displays matches with the option to rehire on old employment, rehire on new employment, or proceed as a new hire. This makes customized or high-volume hiring processes more efficient while also helping organizations to maintain employment record continuity in certain countries. See demo here.

Rehire on the Same Employment supported by SAP Master Data Integration: This enhancement changes the process flow for when Workforce Integration (between SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding) replicates employees that are rehired based on an old employment to SAP Master Data Integration (MDI). Previously, employees that were rehired based on old employment would have been replicated to SAP MDI irrespective of whether the Manage Pending Hire was completed or not. With this enhancement, the replication occurs after the Manage Pending Hire is completed, ensuring irrelevant employee data is not sent to SAP MDI.

Configuration updates to Onboarding jobs: To make the monitoring of individual onboarding jobs more efficient, we have decoupled a few jobs from the BizX Daily Rules Processing Batch job. These include: (1) Compliance Metadata Sync (2) Onboarding Process Closure and (3) Where to Go Sync. If you've already configured the BizX Daily Rules Processing Batch job, the individual jobs are automatically created with the same schedule as the BizX Daily Rules Processing Batch job. If you haven't configured the BizX Daily Rules Processing Batch job, you need to configure the three onboarding jobs individually.

Compliance Enhancements

New pre-delivered forms for United States and United Kingdom: For the US, two state forms have been added – for Colorado (DR 0004 Colorado Employee Withholding Certificate) and for Wisconsin (WI - 221 Nonresident Military Spouse Withholding Exemption). In addition, the CC-305 Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability form is now available.

For the UK, the Starter Checklist for Welsh locale is now available.  See the full list of supported forms here.

E-Verify API updated to latest version: To comply with the Department of Homeland Security’s requirements, we have incorporated the new version of the E-Verify API (v31) into our system. This includes several changes in comparison to the previous version, which are listed in detail here.

Integration Updates

Replacement of DocuSign Authentication Method for Onboarding Integrations: For customers using SAP Signature Management by DocuSign, it is important to note an upcoming change to the authentication method that requires action. In September 2022, the basic authentication method for DocuSign e-signature integrations will be replaced by OAuth 2.0. Customers using the basic authentication need to activate the new authentication method prior to September 2022. With this release, the OAuth 2.0 authentication is available, and we recommend all customers perform the one-time migration at your earliest convenience. Visit the DocuSign Integration Using OAuth 2.0 Starting First Half 2022 - Innovation Alert for the latest Onboarding updates and discussions.

We are excited to deliver these new innovations and continue our path to HXM with our Onboarding customers.  For a full view of the 1H2022 release for SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding, please refer to the What’s New Viewer.