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Hi All! Cannot believe it is already getting closer to the end of the year. I don’t know where the time goes and it seems like just yesterday I was writing the ECP H1/2021 release blog. For release specifics I recommend checking out our “What’s New Viewer” and Filter by module Employee Central Payroll to get deeper into the individual items and their release notes.

The updates in H2/2021 release which are covered in this blog will be available in Support Pack 99 available on November 11th, 2021. You can visit our Support Pack Release Schedule for more information

Now let’s look at the H2/2021 release for Payroll

Table of Content

  1. New Local Version

  2. Payroll Control Center: Manage Configuration Enhancements

  3. Payroll Tasks for Absences

  4. SuccessFactors Business Rule Function (Get Payroll Area)

  5. Home Page Quick Actions

  6. Onboarding Integration

  7. Payroll Information in new tab

New Local Version – Slovakia

With this release we are excited to now provide the ability to run Employee Central Payroll in Slovakia. This now brings our localized versions to 48 locales(See the full list in SAP Note 2438150 – List of supported languages, currencies, and countries/regions by SuccessFactors ...)

Our strategy is to deliver locales we offered on-premise based upon customer and prospect demand so more to come for country localizations!

Slovakia Flag

For more information on this feature see the following information in the “What’s New Viewer

Payroll Control Center: Manage Configuration Enhancements

In my H1 ECP release blog I gave an overview of the new Manage Configuration application that simplifies the configuration of our Payroll Control Center. With this release we are making a variety of exciting enhancements!

Preview Alerts & KPIs

This update was one of my favorites of the release. It is one we got inspiration from a few terrific customer interactions and suggestions! We have added the ability to preview PCC alerts/validation rules and KPIs right at the time of creation. Try it yourself with this interactive click through demo to experience it firsthand and I have also created this 7-minute video to demo it firsthand! Take a look and let me know what you think.

We have added a “Preview” button to the Manage Configuration application which allows the user to select a PCC recurrence (data set) to run the newly created alert/KPI against immediately.

Previously during the creation of a new item, the user would need to add it to a process and then re-run the steps which could be time consuming. You can see the preview button in this screenshot showing an example of me creating a new alert for the system to identify employees who have a gross payment over a threshold (10k)

After clicking the new preview button, the system will open a new section where the user can choose a PCC recurrence.

Here is a screen shot showing where the user can select a recurrence based upon processes that have been setup

Once the user has chosen the process, they can run it and even click the expand button to see more information. Here we can see the particular people identified in the alert, the key indicator, details, and solutions.

If there is something that is incorrect, the user can go back and make real-time changes and re-run preview to see the impact on their changes. We have also provided the ability to test on particular people within the dataset of the full PCC process as well.

With the enhancement of this new functionality, it should save a lot of time for new implementation as well as for post go live maintenance.

One additional update is that we have delivered sample beta PCC configuration content that is available (Please reach out to me at if interested in being a beta customer) including a configuration guide, pre-delivered validations and KPIs and more.

We are working on a more comprehensive delivery update of our Best Practices Content for next year that will also include the latest and greatest functionality of the PCC. A lot more to come in this area so stay tuned!

Further Simplified Configuration of Analytics/KPIs

With this release we are excited to make enhancements to now allow groups of KPIs (New object type called analytics) that will allow the user to tie multiple KPIs together that allows for easier assignment to payroll processes in the PCC. This step was previously done in back-end configuration.

Alert Dependency

With this release we have added alert dependency functionality (Which we previously delivered for our back-end configuration in the H1/2020 release) to the new manage configuration application.

An example would be if we had two alerts:

  1. Gross Pay Over $

  2. Pay Variance over %

There would be cases where someone gets a large bonus that would trigger both alerts. This would artificially inflate the total alerts since the same data caused both to be triggered. Now, we can put a dependency in place so if one exists, the other will not be triggered. Ultimately this will give a more accurate reflection to the end user and reduce effort.

For more information on this feature see the following information in the “What’s New Viewer

PCC Localization for Belgium

With this release our localization team for Belgium has delivered Payroll Control Center specific content that has been requested by customers. This includes the ability to handle the Personal Calendar, the Periodic Advance Tax Declaration (FinProf) for Belgian authorities and more.

PCC Belgium

For more information please see SAP Note 2800828 - PCC - Localization Belgium - General Availability

Payroll Tasks for Absences

Our Payroll Tasks functionality that allows payroll administrators to stay on top of HR data changes has now been enhanced based upon customer feedback to include the ability to be triggered based upon time types of absences. This is particularly important when an employee goes out on leave and there are changes that need to be made (Or at least some kind of verification) in Payroll.

For more information on this feature see the following information in the “What’s New Viewer” including the demo video explaining the functionality

SuccessFactors Business Rule Function (Get Payroll Area)

With this release we have added the ability to get payroll area control record details within the SAP SuccessFactors manage business rules framework. The following details are now available to create logic such as preventing data entry, raising a warning, or defaulting something.

  • Current payroll period, next payroll period including begin and end dates (For regular payroll runs)

  • The earliest retroactive accounting date listed on the control record for a payroll area is to be carried out.

  • Current status of payroll (Ex: Released for Payroll or Exit Payroll)

For more information on this feature see the following information in the “What’s New Viewer” including the demo video explaining the functionality

Home Page Quick Action for Payroll Tasks

We have added our “Complete Payroll Tasks” functionality in the “Quick Actions” for our latest home page. This is relevant for customers who have activated the new home page user experience. As a reminder, Payroll Administrators use this functionality in order to stay on top of updates made which are relevant for Payroll (Plus we have enhanced this functionality with the ability to include Absences as I outline in this blog).

As a reminder, in the H1/2022 release the home page will universally be applied. More details can be found in this SuccessFactors community blog post

For more information on this feature see the following information in the “What’s New Viewer” including the demo video explaining the functionality

Onboarding Integration

This item is one of our most heavily voted customer influence requests and we are excited to deliver this in the form of a new framework for integrating onboarding with payroll. The current release includes United Kingdom (UK) but now that we have this new framework we plan to expand it to include other locales. We are actively working on Australia and the United States so more to come here in future releases!

For more information on this feature see the following information in the “What’s New Viewer” including the demo video explaining the functionality

Payroll Information in New Tab

This particular item seems like a small thing and I was originally debating whether I should even include it in this release highlights blog, but after talking to a few customers and asking their opinion they told me that they love the flexibility that it provides them and I should mention it. It is a pretty straightforward update where we have added a new checkbox in configuration that allows the user to specify how a particular payroll item should be opened. If the box is checked, then the system will automatically open this up in a new tab.

For more information on this feature see the following information in the “What’s New Viewer” including the demo video explaining the functionality

So that’s all for now!

Where can I find more Information?

For information on release highlights across the SuccessFactors suite, see this great blog from my colleague janne.wiseSecond Half 2021 SAP SuccessFactors Release Highlights Are Here!

For the full list of deliverables for H2/2021 have a look at our “What’s New Viewer

You can find helpful material on how to implement our latest functionality in the implementation guide on the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll Help page.

Here are additional resources for those interested in learning more about SAP Payroll solutions

That is all for now! Thank you for taking the time to read and leave your comments below!