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Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well. Excited to write this blog to cover the second half SAP SuccessFactors 2023 release! I would recommend checking out the “What’s New Viewer” to take a look at the full release notes and get into all of the details for everything we are delivering!

The updates in 2H will be available in Support Pack C5 available on November 9, 2023. You can visit our Support Pack Release Schedule for more information. For the H1 release see my blog from earlier this year.

New Local Version – Greece

With this release we are excited to now provide the ability to run Employee Central Payroll in Greece. This now brings our localized versions to 50 native locales! (See the full list on our localization site with a cool interactive map). Additionally we have 6 additional partner countries available as described in SAP KBA 3031216 - Employee Central Payroll: Availability of Partner Local Versions. EPI-USE has localized Peru, Vietnam, Denmark, and Angola which are GA with Mozambique and Namibia in pilot status.

Our strategy is to deliver locales we offered on-premise based upon customer and prospect demand so more to come for localizations! We also have a high interest from various partners to continue to localize more versions.


For more information on this feature see the following  information in the “What’s New Viewer

Pay Statement in Microsoft Teams

One big area of emphasis at SAP SuccessFactors across the suite is to embed activities "in the flow of work" or where it is quick and easy for employees to access which in some cases means outside of logging into a system. With this release we are happy to allow customers to provide the ability for employees to view their pay statement directly within Microsoft Teams.

Pay Statement in Teams

For more information on this feature see the following  information in the “What’s New Viewer

Engagement Card (US)

Based upon customer request to make it easier for employees to update their tax information in the US we have added the ability for customers to automatically have an engagement card created in the SAP SuccessFactors home page based upon an employee having a data change (New hire not having Withholding information entered yet, an address change, or a change to marital status). This will allow employees to quickly and easily create or update their W4 tax forms so their taxes are withheld appropriately. Here is a look at how this would look for an employee.

ECP Engagement Card

For more information on this feature see the following  information in the “What’s New Viewer

Payroll Control Center - Highlight Retro Differences

In our payroll control center we are delivering a new field to more easily identify the difference in payroll amounts coming from a past period. This can be used in our manage configuration application as shown in the screenshot below

PCC Manage Config

Once fully configured, this would give payroll administrators a more detailed look at the payroll amounts coming from previous periods in a retro payroll run. We can see what this looks like below.

My Alerts Root Cause

Enhanced Integration

One of the areas we continue to make improvements based upon listening to customers and to make their lives easier is in the integration of Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll. With this release we have made performance improvements particularly around high load scenarios. This particular request came from an influence request Customer Community Idea 280224Information published on SAP site.

For more information on this feature see the following  information in the “What’s New Viewer

Where can I find more Information?

For information on release highlights across the SAP SuccessFactors suite, see this great blog:Second Half 2023 Release: What’s New in SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite

You can find helpful material on how to implement our latest functionality in the implementation guide on the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll Help page.

Here are additional resources for those interested in learning more about SAP Payroll solutions