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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The main goal of this blog is to share with you how easily SuccessFactors Check Tool can be activated and used in all your projects.

Every so often,  you might  come across the system not working as expected, and there can be couple of reasons for that:

  • Data is inconsistent.

  • System is not configured correctly.

Now, with the Check Tool, you can identify the problem, rather than creating a support case.

The check tool not only helps you identifying the problem, but it also rates the severity of it, and suggests a solution.

Check Tool is a SuccessFactors platform feature that supports cross SuccessFactors modules.

Check it out here.


It is simple, you just need to grant the permissions in the Manage Permissions Role menu.

More here.

Check Results

After all checks are ran within the tool, it will give you the diagnosis so you can resolve the issues.

To see the results, please refer it to the results column.  If checks are running multiple times, please check the Previous Results column for a more accurate comparison

Quick fix Feature

With only a few clicks the Quick fix Feature gives you the diagnosis and fixes all the system issues automatically More Here!

Exporting Log Results

You can easily see all the check available by exporting them to a CSV file.

Report an issue

In case you are still considering relevant to raise a ticket to SAP, the Report an Issue feature provides you with the correspondent component under the “Need Assistance?” section


Check Tool provides you with an easy and powerful way to verify your configuration and reduce risks before your Go live date. We highly recommend the execution of Check Tool checks during the test integration phase in your quality system and after the cutover phase in your productive system.

Please, do not hesitate to submit your questions in SAP Community through the Q&A tag link:

For partners, you can also submit your questions directly on the Partner Delivery Community!