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By Sarah Loucks, Global Program Lead, SAP Autism at Work 



The top half is a photo of six adults smiling and looking forward. The Autism at Work hummingbird logo and text is in the bottom left of the photo. The bottom half says SAP honored with Corporate Compassion Award 2023 by HollyRod Foundation and proud sponsor of 2023 Autism Inclusion Company of the Year Award by DisabilityIN


As a leader in innovation and a driver of change, SAP has been challenging traditional talent management practices by promoting autism inclusion for the past 10 years. In 2013, SAP launched the Autism at Work program, which is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment, breaking down barriers, and harnessing the unique skills and talents of individuals on the autism spectrum. Since the start of the program, managers have reported that teams with colleagues on the spectrum have an increased sense of belonging, a more respectful and inclusive team culture, and mutual learning as a positive working experience. 


To mark this 10th year milestone, SAP partnered with Disability:IN to sponsor the 2023 Autism Inclusion Company of the Year Award and Dell Technologies was announced as the winner on July 13 in Orlando, Florida (Read press release here). SAP takes immense pride in supporting this new award, as it aligns with our continuous commitment to foster neuro inclusion and empower our employees on the autism spectrum through innovative strategies and initiatives.  

Supriya Jha hands the Autism Inclusion Company of the Year award to Danielle Biddick accompanied by Leslie Wilson.


SAP has also been honored with HollyRod Foundation’s Corporate Compassion Award 2023 in a star-studded event on July 15, for its dedication to Autism Inclusion in the Workplace. Founded in 1993 by actress, Holly Robinson Peete and husband, former NFL player, Rodney Peete, the HollyRod Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness and providing resources to families that have a loved one who has received an autism or Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis with the goal of empowering them to live their best lives. 

HollyRod Corporate Compassion Award is pictured on the left. On the right, Ferose VR, Bob Land, and Sarah Loucks are smiling in front of a HollyRod Foundation backdrop.


This recognition and the partnership with Disability:IN is a testament to SAP’s leading journey in the autism inclusion space. SAP proudly shares its experiences with other organizations via the SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge initiative and the associated 'Connecting for Inclusion' virtual event series for employers. The upcoming session of “Connecting for Inclusion” on July 27, will feature the winner of the inaugural Autism Inclusion Company of the Year award, Danielle Biddick and Michele Matthai from Dell Technologies and Disability:IN’s President Jill Houghton where they will discuss strategies to advance neurodiversity inclusion that can be implemented by any individual or company.  


Save the Date: Connecting for Inclusion, July 27, 10-11 am EDT   

Connecting for Inclusion webinar info, with images of the 3 panelists and moderator, on a dark blue background.


About SAP’s Autism at Work  


The Autism at Work program begins with talent sourcing, where SAP works with organizations that support individuals on the autism spectrum to identify qualified candidates. Once a candidate is hired, they are provided with onboarding support, including training on SAP's culture and policies, as well as mentorship from other employees on the spectrum. The program also offers development planning and career coaching to help employees on the spectrum reach their full potential. 


In the 10 dedicated years of SAP’s Autism at Work, we have a lot to be proud of as we strive to be the world's most inclusive workplace:  

  • We have 215+ current colleagues on the autism spectrum, working across all board areas. 

  • Under the leadership of Supriya Jha, SAP's Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, the Autism at Work Executive Advisory Committee and the Autism at Work Global Team, we have active programs in 16 countries, led by local leaders, including leaders who are on the spectrum. 

  • A thriving voluntary, employee-led Employee Resource Group called the Autism Inclusion Network, by and for individuals on the spectrum and their allies who operate on a mission to make neurodiversity a norm in the workplace.  

  • A 100-member strong partner and customer network have taken the SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge, a first of its kind initiative aimed at creating opportunities for people on the autistic spectrum in the corporate world. 


If you are looking for ways to accelerate your autism inclusion journey at work, we have a treasure trove of resources waiting for you! SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge is an inspirational initiative where we share our knowledge in the field with organizations who are on this journey with us. Once you register, you'll receive access to a range of practical resources to help you start, expand, or enhance your program. Signatories are invited to virtual events designed to enhance corporate learning and facilitate peer-to-peer best practice discussions.   

Make the Pledge Today: SAP Autism Inclusion Pledge