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SuccessFactors customers are in an odd place.  From a support perspective, they still operate pretty much as a separate entity from the rest of the SAP world...which is pretty typical for acquired companies - at least for the first couple of years.  Because of this, however, many, if not most SFSF customers are not aware of all the FREE benefits that their support agreement now provides them.  Those companies that have an Enterprise Support or Preferred Care support agreement have access to a wealth of educational, diagnostic, and support materials. The downside is that there are so many offerings, that it can be difficult to wade through and determine which of the offerings are relevant. What content should you consume, and in what order?

Enter the SAP Enterprise Support Value map for SuccessFactors

The Value Map concept takes all of the training, expert sessions, white papers, support services, etc, and arranges them into a logical sequence, aligned with a particular goal in mind. For example, in a Pre-Production scenario, when an organization is in the process of planning the design of their SuccessFactors system, the Value map lays out easy, coherent, easily consumable content focused specifically on topics related to business process recommendations, integration issues, and other cloud-specific issues.  Further down the line, once you have taken your implementation live, the value map provides easy, focused access to topics and services relating to performance optimization, best practices, etc

It is important to note that value maps are no additional charge beyond your maintenance agreement. It is included as part of your Enterprise or Preferred Care agreement, so there is no reason to not jump in and begin taking advantage of all available offerings.   To list just a few, they include:

Continuous Quality Checks (CQC)

The CQC services are performed on your SuccessFactors system to identify specific areas of performance concern, or to monitor overall system performance.  For example, the CQC Early Watch Check can be used as the starting point for diagnosis to help determine where a larger issue lies, or the CQC for Implementation is used before and then again following a major system change to ensure that you are configured for a successful go live, and then to make sure that things are operating as efficiently as possible.

Meet The Expert

Meet The Expert sessions are 1-1 or 1:n meetings with a support expert to discuss a variety of support-related topics. In the live sessions, there is a question and answer period where participants are able to drill down into topic related issues.  These sessions are recorded, and can be watched at any time, so there is quite an extensive library of on demand material available.


SAP JAM Community

As part of joining the Value Map, users are provided access to the JAM community for that topic.  Here, you’re able to interact with other SuccessFactors users in an online forum, and capitalize on the shared knowledge.

Joining the Value Map couldn’t be any easier.  Simply go to, and choose the ‘sign up now’ button.  After identifying which Value Map you'd like to join, what your focus for joining will be, and providing some contact information, you’ll be provided access.  On the SAP side, it’s a manual process to get this done, however, it generally takes about a day. 

For more information, take a look at this link, and/or reach out to the Support Advisory Center (SAC) at 800.677.7271, or your Enterprise Support Delivery Manager.

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