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In the second half of November 2021, SAP Enable Now cloud customers will start to see some of the great new functionality introduced through the 2111 release. The changes include some fantastic new functionality, as well as enhancements to existing functionality, to simplify and optimize its use.

The remainder of this post discusses some of the bigger changes associated with the 2111 release and provides additional information about how SAP Enable Now cloud customers can access more information about the release, including a preview environment to take an early look at the changes.

SAP Enable Now Release 2111 documentation and preview environment

The major changes associated with all SAP Enable Now releases are described in What’s New documentation for the release. You can access the 2111 What’s New documentation at SAP Enable Now 2111 What's New documentation.  If you are having issues accessing the documentation, try logging into the site by clicking the image of the lock icon, in the top-right corner, and entering your S User credentials.  You can learn more about S User IDs at obtaining an S User ID.

All multi-tenant SAP Enable Now cloud customers can access a preview environment of the latest release, approximately 4 weeks prior to the general release of the corresponding functionality. The 2111 preview environments are now available, so, SAP Enable Now cloud customers can immediately start looking at the changes described in the What’s New documentation.

Access to your SAP Enable Now cloud preview environment is via a modified URL. To access your company’s SAP Enable Now preview environment, insert the term -preview directly following the customer name portion of your SAP Enable Now URL. For example, if your Enable Now URL were:

You would enter the following URL to access your preview environment:

New and optimized functionality

Web Assistant enhancements

Significant investment continues to occur into Web Assistant to make it the primary means of providing in application support for SAP’s browser-based products, including S/4HANA and SuccessFactors.  Some of the larger changes and enhancement introduced into Web Assistant through the 2111 release include:

  • Increased integration of Web Assistant into SAP Ariba.  Web Assistant will now be supported in the SAP Ariba Guided Sourcing, SAP Strategic Sourcing (Direct Spend), and SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance solutions.  The list of applications supporting Web Assistant can be accessed at Web Assistant supported applications list

  • The ability to open a Web Assistant content object, such as a guided tour, from another content object.  For example, a user reading the information in a context help bubble, could open a guided tour to access step-by-step instructions on the corresponding functionality.  To see a demonstration of this function, refer to Web Assistant Action Links video

  • The ability to open another S/4HANA screen from Web Assistant content if users require access to other functionality, e.g. users could open the initial screen of the create purchase order transaction from the last step of a guided tour about requisitions

  • The ability to open additional useful information into a lightbox, rather than a new browser window

  • The simplification and optimization of the Web Assistant authoring functionality, and

  • The support for Web Assistant in the Thai language.

Link to content that is displayed in a lightbox positioned over the original content

Desktop Assistant enhancements

Additional functionality has been added to Desktop Assistant to further align it with the capability of Web Assistant and to provide an option to push content to end users.

One new function added to the 2111 release of SAP Enable Now, enables authors to add link tiles to the Help Topics tab of Desktop Assistant, when running in the Web Assistant mode.  This allows authors to create links to the most relevant content associated with each screen, which allows users to access that content in application with just two clicks of their mouse.  Just imagine, no frustrating searching of content portals to locate relevant content, just two clicks of the mouse from the current application screen and the content is displayed.

It is now possible to link to important content from the Help Topics tab in DA, running in WA mode

Another great new feature of Desktop Assistant, when running in Web Assistant mode, is the ability to show content help bubbles, without the need for Desktop Assistant to be open.  This provides the ability to highlight key screen objects, such as fields, without the need for the user to open Desktop Assistant to look for support content.  For more information on the push help capability of Desktop Assistant in the 2111 release, refer to pushing Desktop Assistant Contextual Help to end users video.

Reporting and Analytics enhancements

Several changes to the reporting capability will significantly increase SAP Enable Now customers’ ability to understand how their user base is using SAP Enable Now content.  This will not only bring clarity to the types of training and support content and delivery channels that are favored but also to which user audiences are using the content.

Three existing Enable Now reports have been extended to include drill down functionality.  All three reports can be accessed from the Reporting menu in Manager.  The three new reports that have been extended to include drill down capability are:

  • The Guided Tour Playbacks report – drill down to see the users who accessed each Guided Tour and how many times they used it

  • The Guided Tour Dropouts report – drill down to see the steps of each Guided Tour where users closed the tour and how often this occurred

  • The Objects in Editing report – drill down to see which content objects, of a specific type, are being editing and which author is editing each object.

In some reports, it is now possible to drill down to see additional information

Along with the drill down capability, two existing reports have now been extended to capture consumption information for additional user access scenarios.  The Content Visit and Delivery Channel reports have been extended to capture consumption information from scenarios such as users accessing content directly out of Manager using a direct link and accessing content by selecting links within other content objects.  This provides SAP Enable Now customers with a clear idea about what content is being accessed by their user base and how often this content has been accessed.  For further information about the new reporting capability, refer to enhanced reporting capability in SAP Enable Now 2111 release video.

Producer – Manager Communication enhancements

When opening Producer for the first time for every Workarea, it was necessary for content authors to complete a second set of steps to download the content structure and any existing content from Manager.  This second set of steps was necessary to access the existing content structure, including the default content root group, before being able to synchronize content with Manager.

From the 2111 release, authors will now be prompted to download the content structure and any existing content on Manager, during the initial process of starting Producer and downloading the Workarea Resources.  Directly after opening Producer for any Workarea for the first time, authors will now be prompted to download the content and content structure on Manager.  If an author confirms that they would like to download content from Manager, they will then be prompted to select the components of the content structure that they would like to download.

Author confirms that they would like to download the content structure from Manager

Authors are prompted to select the content that they would like to download

After the initial download process finishes, authors should confirm that they want to make the server’s content structure, their default local content structure.  This will then complete the local setup and the author will be ready to go.

Authors should confirm that the Manager default content structure will also be their default local content structure


This post describes some of the larger enhancements and new capability added with the 2111 release of SAP Enable Now; due in the second half of November 2021.  Additional details of the changes included in the release can be accessed in the What’s New documentation available from the SAP Enable Now site on

The 2111 release preview environments are now available for all SAP Enable Now cloud customers and will remain available for at least a month following the general availability of the release.  Now’s a great time to jump into your preview environment and consider at how your organisation can benefit from the new and enhanced capability.