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The June 2022 release of SAP Enable Now introduced an updated version of the integration with SAP Signavio; in reality, the integration has been completely rewritten.  This integration allows business process information, created and managed in Signavio, to be loaded into SAP Enable Now.  It also allows links to SAP Enable Now content, such as system Simulations, to synchronized into SAP Signavio.  That is, the integration allows SAP Signavio content to be shared with SAP Enable Now users and SAP Enable Now content to be made available to SAP Signavio users.  That sounds like a win, win to me!

If your organization is undergoing an SAP-related business transformation and is looking for opportunities to reduce the overall program effort and cost, read on, this integration will definitely help your organization to achieve better transformation outcomes, at a lower cost.

SAP Signavio Overview

SAP Signavio is an application that allows their customers to analyze, modernize, and optimize their business processes.  This is a critical aspect of all modern SAP business transformations, which allows organizations to re-invent themselves with new and optimized operations and go-to-market strategies.

In many instances, SAP Signavio is the source system for the new business processes that define the re-imagined operating model.  For organizations to achieve the benefits of their transformations, their workforce must adopt and follow these new processes.  That is, the process information in SAP Signavio must be understood and followed by the organization’s workforce.

SAP Signavio Process Analysis and Optimization

SAP Enable Now Overview

SAP Enable Now is an application used to develop and distribute content to train and support an organization’s employees.  It can be used to build initial knowledge and skills, within the workforce, leading into a significant change and to support continuous, on-the-job learning as users adopt the new systems and processes, deployed through the business transformation.

SAP Enable Now contains functionality that can be used to train end users on new system functionality.  It can also be used to train them on relevant non-system topics, such as changes in business processes.

The content in SAP Enable Now can be accessed directly from SAP Enable Now or it can be deployed through the in-application component of the solution, called SAP Companion.  As systems and processes change, new content can be rapidly developed and distributed to the workforce to ensure that they always have easy access to the information required to successfully operate within the changing workplace.

Creating and Publishing Content with SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now and SAP Signavio Integration

As previously mentioned, one of the critical pieces of information that must be available to an organization’s employees, just prior to and following a business transformation, is information about the new business processes.  In this instance, the source of that information is obviously SAP Signavio, the solution used to redefine and optimize the organization’s processes.  If the process information, created and managed in SAP Signavio, can be accessed in SAP Enable Now, it can be integrated into the learning solutions being prepared to train and support the organization’s internal and external workforce.

Whilst the new business processes are defined in SAP Signavio, SAP Enable Now can be used to develop detailed content that explains the overall process, the process steps, and the system functionality deployed to support those steps.  This content is critical to retraining an organization’s workforce, following a major change.  The primary audience for this content, is obviously the organization’s employees and business partners, that is, the people executing the new processes and using the new system functionality.

Outside the end users directly impacted by the new, optimized operating models, the IT and business staff supporting the new applications can also benefit from the same content.  These support staff may only have limited knowledge of the applications and processes that they support, so providing access to detailed information about those processes and systems can definitely benefit them.

Integration business process

The redefined integration between SAP Enable Now and SAP Signavio allows business process information to be loaded into SAP Enable Now from SAP Signavio, the source of that information.  It also allows SAP Enable Now content authors to attach detailed content objects, such as system Simulations, to the steps of the processes and then synchronize links to those content objects into Signavio.  With this integration, the process information developed in SAP Signavio can be accessed in SAP Enable Now and detailed information about those processes, developed in SAP Enable Now, can be synchronized back into Signavio.  Therefore, end users accessing content through SAP Enable Now have access to the business process details and Signavio users have access to detailed information about those processes.

In my book, that’s a win for both user groups and for the organization as a whole.  In both instances, useful content developed in either system is then shared with the users of the other system so there is an overall reduction in effort and cost necessary to develop and maintain suitable content to support both audiences.  It also ensures that there is no misalignment between the content in both systems because both audiences are accessing the same content.

The following diagram displays the steps necessary to share content between SAP Enable Now and SAP Signavio.

SAP Enable Now and SAP Signavio Business Process Diagram

If you are interested in viewing a demonstration of the integration between SAP Enable Now and SAP Signavio, watch this video (22 mins).


The June 2022 release of SAP Enable Now introduced a new version of the integration between SAP Enable Now and SAP Signavio.  This integration allows business process details developed in Signavio to be loaded into SAP Enable Now and the detailed content developed in SAP Enable Now, to support the business processes, to be synchronized into Signavio.  This means that the user audiences of both systems can access the content developed in the other system, thus ensuring that all user audiences have easy access to the information that they require to effectively operating in their changing business environments.

If your organization is undertaking an SAP-related business transformation and is using SAP Enable Now and SAP Signavio, it is definitely worth the effort to investigate the integration between the two systems.  If you are not using SAP Enable Now or SAP Signavio, perhaps speak to your SAP representative about accessing them, they're important pieces in your transformation puzzle.  These solutions allow you to design and deploy modern, optimized business processes and to ensure that your workforce understands the changes and how to operate in the new business environment.