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Product and Topic Expert
SAP Enable Now deploys two new releases each year, typically in May and November. Some of these releases introduce nice features, without being special, but occasionally, there is a release that literally knocks it out of the park. The 2305 release knocks it so far out of the park that I'm not sure that the ball has even come back to earth yet. It's full of great new features that help SAP Enable Now customers to put the correct content, in the right language, in front of every user audience and then determine who is accessing the content and their preferred channel of access. With this release, you could definitely say 'One small step for man, one giant leap forward for Enable Now customers'.

The rest of this post focusses on four of the major changes introduced through the 2305 release of SAP Enable Now. It will help you to understand more about the release, including how SAP Enable Now Cloud customers can try the new features, before they go into Production after the 26 May release date.

Preview Environment and Release Notes

SAP Enable Now Cloud customers (on a multi-tenant environment) can now access their 2305 preview environment and begin to review the release enhancements. The Preview environment provides access to the latest enhancements and also allows customers to confirm that the release has no impact on your current content or deployment strategy.

If you are an SAP Enable Now Cloud customer (multi-tenant customers only) and you wish to access your Preview tenant, just add the suffix -preview after the name piece of your SAP Enable Now URL. For example, if your existing SAP Enable Now URL is:

then modify the URL to:

and you're good to go.

You can access your Enable Now Cloud preview environment using the same method as your production environment. If you log into the production environment manually, use the same credentials to access your preview environment. If you use SSO to access your production environment, then SSO it is for the preview environment also.

Once you have access to the preview environment, you’re ready to start. Just download the SAP Enable Now 2305 What's New Release Notes and enjoy.  One tip: you must log into using an S user ID to be able to access the preview version of the release notes.

The Major Enhancements

The most significant of the enhancements in the 2305 release help SAP Enable Now customers to provide their user audiences with content in their preferred language and allow them to access that content using their preferred device, including on their mobile phones.  Authors now have a much better interface to record Simulations and videos through a browser and Enable Now Administrators and stakeholders now have a clearer understanding of who is consuming the content, what type of content they prefer, and how the users prefer to access the content.  The following sections provide more detail about the major enhancements.

Accessing SAP Enable Now content on mobile phones

SAP Enable Now content, such as Simulations and eLearning content, is distributed from Enable Now Manager in HTML5 format.  Given that the content is distributed in HTML5, any device with a browser that can render HTML5 content can be used to playback SAP Enable Now content, including devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

The issue with mobile phones was never their ability to playback SAP Enable Now content but the ability to access that content through a mobile-friendly interface.  Whilst the SAP Enable Now library interface is fine for devices with larger screen, e.g. PCs, laptops, and tablets, it just doesn't work on mobile phones with much smaller screens.  So, the user interface, used to distribute content to mobile phones, has been completely redesigned to provide easy access to content for mobile phones users.  For many SAP Enable Now customers, with growing mobile workforces, this is a welcome enhancement that provides an easy, efficient way to distribute content to their mobile employees, many of which rarely or ever make it into the office to complete training.

Take a look at this short video, if you are interested in learning more about the new mobile phone interface.

The redesigned SAP Enable Now mobile interface for mobile phones

Translating content using SAP Enable Now

For many organizations, keeping global workforces trained - in constantly changing workplaces - is a major challenge that results in significant cost, effort, and time.  This ongoing requirement for access to up-to-date information includes system end users who are impacted by rolling changes to business processes and the systems used to deliver those processes.  This situation is even more complicated for global organizations that must consider the content requirements for each of the countries where they operate.

Approximately two years ago, SAP Enable Now deployed an integration to SAP Translation Hub, a machine language translation engine, that automated the translation of Enable Now content.  This integration allowed the text in all types of native Enable Now content - including Simulations, eLearning content, and content deployed through SAP Companion - to be translated into approximately 40 languages, with a few clicks of a mouse, by content authors.  This was an exciting enhancement for Enable Now customers with global workforces because it allowed them to translate their content quickly and easily, at a very low cost and without significant effort.

About a year after the initial release of the integration to SAP Translation Hub, the Enable Now team released an enhancement to the translation capability that allowed end users of SAP Companion to translate content, in real time, as they used that content.  This meant that the content authoring team only needed to translate content into the major languages and allow individual users to translate their own content for minor languages.

The 2305 release of SAP Enable Now extends the already substantial translation capabilities with two critical updates.

  1. Individual customers are no longer required to provide their own SAP Translation Hub license to access this great functionality.  Whilst the cost of translating content, using the integration to SAP Translation Hub, is very small, it's now included in your SAP Enable Now Cloud license.  This approach to providing access to this capability is being trialled for a year so hopefully the trial gets extended indefinitely.  Maybe if we all wish for this on your next birthday, we might get lucky

  2. The second very exciting change, introduced through the 2305 release, is the ability for end users to translate content, in real time, through the Trainer; the SAP Enable Now Trainer is the content player for Simulations and eLearning content.  So, not only will end users be able to translate content in real time through the SAP Companion interface but they will also be able to do this with Enable Now content libraries, Simulations, Quizzes, and eLearning content.  For example, an end user might be looking at a book page in English and not really understand some of the terminology because English is not their preferred language.  All the user needs to do, following the 2305 upgrade, is click a button and select their preferred language.  Just like magic, the content on the screen is converted to the user's preferred language and the user gets a whole better understanding of what's being communicated.  This is something pretty special to see!

If you would like to learn more about translation capabilities of SAP Enable Now, watch this short video.

End users can now translate SAP Enable Now eLearning content in real time

The SAP Enable Now Web Recorder

The 2211 release of SAP Enable Now introduced the first version of a Simulation recorder that was entirely web based.  Ultimately, the combination of the Manager Web Editor and Web Recorder will allow SAP Enable Now customers to create and deploy Enable Now Simulations, without the need to use Producer or Instant Producer.

The 2305 Web Recorder has been enhanced in several ways.

  1. The Web Recorder now allows authors to record Simulations, which can be deployed as HTML5, or to record screen videos.  If the author decides to record a screen video, that video file can be deployed from SAP Enable Now Manager and can be tracked through the normal Enable Now consumption reports

  2. If an author chooses to record a video, instead of an HTML5 Simulation, they can also choose to record audio and embed a small video of themselves, as the complete the recording.  This is almost like Tic Tok, but really good!

  3. A third enhancement with the 2305 Web Recorder is the overall quality of the recording.  It definitely appears to better at recording an application's context, which allows the corresponding content to be deployed through SAP Companion and SAP Companion for Desktop.

If your organization uses Instant Producer to record web applications, or you're a Mac user, now might be the time to try recording Simulations using the Web Recorder.  It's fast and fun so give it a try.

If you would like to learn more about the enhanced Web Recorder, watch this short video.

SAP Enable Now content authors can now record Simulations and videos without the need for Producer or Instant Producer

Improved reporting capability

SAP Enable Now provides reporting capability, through Enable Now Manager, that allows Enable Now customers to report on the consumption of content.  The existing capability allows customers to report on metrics such as the number of times that individual content objects have been opened, the preferred channel used to access the content objects, and the number of unique users accessing content.  Whilst the existing reports are very insightful, they do not allow customers to see details of the specific users that have accessed content.  This is obviously a significant limitation, when planning for the development of future content.

Two of the existing reports - the Engaged Unique Users and Content Visits reports - now allow customers to drill down on the summary details in the report to see details of the underlying users.  For example, after the 2305 release, customers will be able to view details of the most commonly opened content objects, using the Content Visits report, and then to drill down on the summary details in the report to see a list of users that accessed the corresponding object.  This will provide Enable Now customers with insight into the users who are consuming content, which extends their existing understanding.  I'm sure that this new capability will be widely used.

Another excellent reporting enhancement introduced through the 2305 release, is the availability of an Unsorted Objects report.  This report allows SAP Enable Now Administrators to generate a summary showing the number of content objects in the Unsorted folder in each Workarea. The Administrator can then drill into the summary details for a specific Workarea to determine which content authors are responsible for the corresponding objects.  This will definitely make it easier for Administrators to manage their Enable Now environments and ensure that authors keep the Unsorted folder clean.

If you would like to learn more about the reporting enhancements introduced through the 2305 release of Enable Now, watch this short video.


In this post, I've tried to highlight four of the bigger enhancements that will be introduced through the 2305 release of SAP Enable Now.  There are many, many more so take a look at the 2305 What's New document to see a more comprehensive list of changes and new features. Alternatively, you can watch a replay of the upgrade webinar delivered in EMEA for a more comprehensive overview of the release.

Finally, keep an eye out for an upcoming post from Kristina Kunad on a significant change to SAP Companion, I think Kristina's post may just be the cherry on this release cake.

That's it for the SAP Enable Now 2305 release overview, take a look at some of the great new features, I'm sure that you'll love them, almost as much as I do.