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In partnering with Lights on the Lawn at Indiana University  during early October, SAP used a grassroots marketing and organic recruiting effort to showcase SAP’s genuine commitment to purpose.

Overall we had over 200 students visit our “Future of Work” pod, stationed in the lobby of the graduate department, in the Kelly School of Business. We were very pleased with the attendance and engagement with the pod. The students were extremely impressed with the quality of the pod and SAP’s commitment to innovation. We had many thought-provoking conversations around the actual concept of the “future of work” and how SAP solutions can make this concept a reality. Additionally, through the support of SAP’s Early Talent Team we were able to share collateral about job opportunities at SAP as well as collect contact information from potential candidates. Throughout our three days in the Kelly School of Business we received 28 registrants from our specific QR code.

An added bonus of our activation was our collaboration with Bipin Prabhakar, Chair of Information Systems Graduate Programs and North American Board Member of the SAP University Alliances Program. We were able capitalize on SAP’s presence at Indiana University and organize a session on the Intelligent Enterprise with about 15 students. The session was led by Yannick Winter from SAP’s Experience Marketing team and he took the students through a demo of the intelligent entertainment park that shows how the digital enterprise enables businesses to run their administrative processes in an efficient and automated way. Through the session we were able to make a direction connection between SAP and LOTL by sharing both organizations commitment to purpose raffling off some of our VIP tickets to the students that attended the talk.

The final even of the week, the official Lights on the Lawn concert with Afrojack and Oliver Heldens had over 1,500 attendees and raised over $15,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington. SAP’s VIP viewing section was used by students that won LOTL’s social contest as well as SAP’s raffle. All the attendees were pleased with the experience at the concert and were appreciative that SAP enabled their attendance. We look forward to the potential for growth in our partnership with Lights on the Lawn!