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Dear All,

In this blog, we will learn more about SAP Automation Pilot and how you can automate all of your daily manual processes and receive alerts if there is a problem or issue. As a result, it increases your productivity while decreasing the TCO of individual processes.

SAP Automation Pilot as it is a powerful tool to automate your work and activities in BTP.

Background of SAP Automation Pilot

SAP Automation Pilot is a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses automate their operations and optimize their core SAP processes.

Its a powerful solution that enables organisations to reduce manual labor and free-up resources for more valuable tasks. It provides business process automation in areas such as sales order entry, procurement, analytics, and more.

The Automation Pilot platform provides users with a comprehensive set of pre-built cloud-based automation services covering all areas of SAP from procurement to financials.

Automation services can be deployed in a fraction of the time, and with greatly reduced cost, that manual operations usually require. Not only do services increase accuracy and enable faster decisions due to increased automation, but the use of cloud-based solutions improves business visibility and agility, helping to reduce user error and eliminate manual labour from traditionally complex processes.

The Automation Pilot platform also provides analytics which provide a deeper understanding of key business metrics such as customer service levels, inventory availability, order fulfilment times, and other performance indicators. By leveraging the automated analytics included with the solution businesses are able to make well-informed decisions quicker, thereby improving their ability to identify and address performance gaps, and helping to ensure that their operations and customer service levels stay competitive.

SAP Automation Pilot is available as a service on SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). You must have an active SAP BTP account as a prerequisite for using Automation Pilot.

The primary goal of the Automation Pilot service is to simplify the operational effort behind cloud solutions on SAP BTP. It gives you an access to a wide variety of provided fully automated procedures like Database and Application Lifecycle Management, Monitoring, HTTP Requests, Bash Scripting and more.



What is SAP Automation Pilot?

The primary goal of SAP Automation Pilot is to simplify and automate complex manual processes in order to minimize the operational effort behind any cloud solution in the SAP Business Technology Platform. By using the means of its minimalistic model, you can automate a sequence of steps executable by a machine. The service is designed to work with low latency even when it is under a heavy workload.

Automation Pilot also provides a clear user interface (UI) so that users could benefit from multiple features such as:

    • Built-in content: use already provided commands and automated procedures like Database and Application Lifecycle Management, Monitoring, HTTP Requests, Bash Scripting and more.

    • Custom content: build custom scenarios by reusing our built-in content or chaining, composing and configuring your custom commands or build and your custom script commands from scratch.
    • Catalogs: content management by grouping of the commands and scenarios in catalogs.
    • Job scheduler: setup you own scheduler for a command to be executed.

Watch the video of SAP Automation Pilot Intro

Explore catalogs provided by SAP Automation Pilot

Pre-Built Connectors
Pre-Built description
SAP BTP Application Lifecycle ManagementSAP BTP, Neo and Cloud Foundry environments application LM related commands & inputs
Automation PilotCommands used to manage Automation Pilot resources like Catalogs, Inputs & Commands
Cloud FoundrySAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment related commands & inputs
SAP Cloud Management ServiceProvides commands for management of directories, subaccounts and entitlements in BTP
SAP BTP Database Lifecycle ManagementSAP BTP, Neo and Cloud Foundry environments DB related commands & inputs
Connectivity DestinationsSAP BTP Connectivity Destinations related commands
DynatraceDynatrace related commands & inputs
GitHubProvides commands for GitHub issues & repositories management
HTTP OperationsHTTP operations related commands & inputs
JenkinsJenkins related commands
JiraProvides commands for Jira issues management
KubernetesKubernetes related commands & inputs
SAP BTP MetadataHolds various metadata related to SAP BTP
SAP BTP MonitoringSAP BTP, Neo and Cloud Foundry environments monitoring related commands & inputs
Script OperationsScripts related commands & inputs
SAP Service ManagerSAP Service Manager commands for creation and consumption of service instances in any connected runtime environment
SQL OperationsSQL operations related commands & inputs
Utility OperationsOperations used for additional processing
SAP Authorization and Trust Management ServiceProvides commands for the management of user authorizations in SAP BTP

Overview of integration

Catalog Page

Available as Standard out of the box Commands
Executions List
Detailed Execution  Steps

Output Result from Execution


SAP Automation Pilot Examples

SAP Automation Pilot Rest APIs