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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi All,


As you all know the area of RestAPI/OData is a complex topic. It’s very rare to find a complete source of documentation about the interfaces which were in use for a whole landscape. And if you are happy and find such documentation through different sources, it is often not up to date.

So what can you do to solve this problem? I would like to introduce a way in which you can bring the documentation of the interfaces to life and documented them sustainably.

Watch here for Video Link

Part 1:  How to create RestAPI role from SAP Commissions Portal

Part 2:  How to assign RestAPI role to a user  

Part 3:  SAP Commission API Documentation Portal (Rest API & OData API) 

Part 4:  How to call RestAPI v2 through Postman  

Users can refer to the  SAP Commissions API Documentation from your tenant provisioned 

Rest API Link : https://<tenantid>

Odata Link : https://<tenantid>

SCIM Link : https://<tenantid>

SAP API Business Hub :


Conclusion:  API Documentation provides more information for the user to understand to make integrations work more user-friendly. Also, the developer experience goes beyond technical writing. It is about providing all the right resources to help the end consumers understand, and successfully work with your API kinds of stuff

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