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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear All,

In this article, I will walk through all the steps you need to take to be able to hide certain personal information from UI for users.

Let's make sure sensitive data are stored in your tenant in a specific workspace like generic attributes aren't being viewed by users who aren't supposed to see it. When it comes down to it, enabling the field using Customization - Private data checkmark does not prevent users from accessing the data.

The solution you should use is to prevent reading the information from Users - Role Level Security.

Introducing Private Data in 2102 Release

Below fields are considered as Private Data

Field Column for
Private Data
ProductsGeneric ClassifierCustomersTransactions
Tax ID


Base Salary


Target Compensation 

Generic Attribute1  

Generic Attribute2  

Generic Attribute3  

Generic Attribute4  

Generic Attribute5  

Generic Attribute6  

Generic Attribute7  

Generic Attribute8  

Generic Attribute9  

Generic Attribute10  

Generic Attribute11  

Generic Attribute12  

Generic Attribute13  

Generic Attribute14  

Generic Attribute15  

Generic Attribute16  

Note :

    • Private Data checkbox has been enabled for all 32 Generic Attributes for Transactions
    • This does NOT include Transaction Address or Transaction Pre-Assignment

Let's start ...

Go to Preferences > Customization

Customization Workspace

    • Private Data is Visible only in Products, Customers, Postal Codes, Generic Classifier & Transactions
    • Private Data checkbox is only for Generic Attributes
    • Ensure you checkmark inbox for respective locale ( Default: English) and Save.

Participant Workspace

Tax ID and Base Salary fields already existed as Sensitive PII flag. Now, these fields are considered for Private data.

Go to Security > Roles > Permissions > Administration

    • Uncheck Private Data for Read and Update role for Users not to see Private fields...
    • Save

Important Note: Ask User to Logout and Login to see the fields disappear from UI

Now when the user tries to see the 'Sensitive fields', they don't see...


    • Admin to check different Locales in Customization before enabling Private Data
    • Tax ID & Base Salary in Participant workspace is considered as PII
    • Target Compensation field in Position workspace is considered as PII
    • Private Data is allowed only for the Products, Customers, Postal Codes & Transactions workspace.
    • Exporting data from UI (Excel or CSV), Private data will not be shown
    • Private data fields will not be displayed in GET Method Rest-API calls.

Create New role and assign it to users to see Private Data.