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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

In this blog, you will come to know how to configure OpenID Connect Configuration for your SAP IAS (Identity Authentication Service) tenant explained in step by step process. This process is mainly required for API Authentication to get some data out of SAP Commissions using Rest APIs.

New SAP Commissions is running on a microservice architecture - Kubernetes inside Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

This blog information content is applicable only for tenants starting with ****

Perform the following steps to create Application for OIDC

Go to IAS Administration â†’ Applications and Create Commissions OIDC application.

To create Commissions OIDC applications, we use the following naming pattern: COMM_{SUBDOMAIN}_OIDC_{TENANTURL}.Follow the steps as shown in highlighted numbers which is required information to be updated.Follow the steps as shown for OpenID Connect Configuration


Redirect URIs

Post Logout Redirect URIs


Open Client ID Authentication and you would see the below exampleProvide the required details in the Add Secrets dialog and click Save.Add a new secret and copy the clientId and the clientSecret from the result prompt
Save your client secret
and click OK.

Watch out for next blog Part 2 - How to Authenticate APIs using OAuth token