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Product and Topic Expert

Dear All,

In this blog, we’ll take a look at how you can utilize SAP Analytics Cloud APIs (also for Embedded Analytics) and understand all the endpoints for you to automate or to get some insights from the data which is modeled from report or story.

By the end of this tutorial, you will know all different endpoints which provides more information for you.
The SAP Analytics Cloud REST API follows the OpenAPI specification.

The API allows third-party applications to access data stored on an SAP Analytics Cloud tenant. The API is best used for requesting small amounts of data in real time. You must have a tenant URL and SAP Analytics Cloud user for the next step.


    • You must have a SAP Analytics Cloud tenant URL.
    • You must have a SAP Analytics Cloud user.
    • You must configure basic authentication against the token service.

The base URL you use in a REST API request is different for each customer. The base URL can be found by appending an API endpoint to your tenant URL.


Example :


Authentication Procedure

To obtain an OAuth access token by sending an HTTP POST, request to your system's token URL.

You must include the URL parameter: /?grant_type=client_credentials.

You must also include the following HTTP header: Authorization: Basic Base64-encoding-of-<OAuthClientID>:<Secret>, where <OAuthClientID> is the OAuth Client ID you set when you created the client in SAP Analytics Cloud and <Secret> is the secret value.

    • Authorization: Bearer <Access_Token>

API Documentation

Endpoint Description

/api/v1/csrfBefore being able to create new subscriptions via POST requests or delete subscription chains, make sure you have a valid CSRF token first.
api/v1/storiesAllows you to get, copy, rename, and delete stories available on your tenant.
api/v1/$metadataReturns the metadata associated with your tenant.
api/v1/ResourcesReturns a list of stories and analytical applications available on your tenant.
api/v1/dataexportAllows you to extract a list of models and metadata on your tenant, or retrieve information about a specific model.
api/v1/contentAllows you to get, move, and delete items on the Content Network. You can also create Content Network import or export jobs.
/api/v1/content/jobsYou can create an export or an import job in the Content Network through an API.
/api/v1/content/permissionsYou can get or edit the permissions you have on a private item through the API.

Allows you to programmatically manage users and teams.

This API uses SCIM 2.0 For more information, see SCIM Core Schema.
api/v1/audit/activities/exportActivitiesReturns a log of user activities in a CSV file.

To check list of users who have access to Embedded Analytics (SAC SCIM API)
This is how you can get the results for the endpoint /v1/stories
Filter Option

<TENANT_URL>/api/v1/scim/Users?filter=username eq "abcUser"

<TENANT_URL>/api/v1/scim/Users?filter=email eq ""

Logical operators (eq, ne, gt, lt, ge, le)

Additional Parameters for the Administration Service

Help Documentation