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Product and Topic Expert

This article will introduce how to write better functions in your formula or in a rule which you can consider it be required as default, so you can re-use at any point in time in your SPM projects.


Functions are predefined formulas provided by SAP Commissions that you can use in compensation rules to calculate and specify values or conditions. In general, functions fall into groups based on their use. For example, a group of functions, called order-level functions, is provided to calculate summary information related to transactions on an order for use in writing credit rules based on orders. Most functions are accessible from the functions listing in the Legal Moves pane. A few functions are accessible from the data fields listing in the Legal Moves pane. These functions are known as data field functions.

The list of functions that are available in SAP Commissions in a particular context depends on the kind of formula, the return type of the formula, and the input to the formula.

Real examples are below is really simple, now we need to find a way to combine them, the more traditional way would be to put functions as arguments of the next function by calling Formula

Feel free to save it, and use it wherever you find it valuable!

List of formula's calling functions which can be common re-usable to have better calculation.


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Hopefully, this article gave you an insight into the benefits of functions composition and how you can introduce it in your everyday work, if you have any questions leave a comment!

I hope it helped you learn something new!