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Product and Topic Expert

Dear All,

In general, No-code means configuring software without coding.

Low-code means writing high-level configurations and templates (still code) which customize a wide range of behavior for a software component or system.

As per SAP Commissions, rule writing is low-code thereafter results are generated which is used for Dashboard creation by using widget drag and drop which means without any coding is a no-code

Since the market is talking more about low-code/no-code .. you will find a lot of LCNC business processes.

How do SAP Commissions Dashboards Work?

Administrators can create an unlimited number of dashboards for each eligible position. Administrator can drag and drop the widgets in to an design pane to configure any dashboards.
A Sales Rep may have multiple positions, and within each position, they can have different/multiple dashboards.

Dashboards enable Sales Rep to retrieve information in a fast and easy way. Widgets are used to represent information to Sales Reps. Also there are 2 types of widgets to configure for Sales Rep & Manager to see dashboards. One dashboard can have a maximum of eight widgets. The communication widget is not included in these eight.

A dashboard has two modes: design, preview and publish.

Administrators can create a dashboard for a plan, title, or globally. All the Sales reps associated with an Incentive plan or Incentive title to which the dashboard belongs can view dashboards. A Sales Rep can view only the published dashboards. Within each plan or title, you can have multiple active dashboards. For example, an Account Executive plan can have 5 active dashboards in the same period.

Administrator can configure different types of Sales Reps Widgets available

  1. Configure Table
  2. Configure Single KPI
  3. Configure KPI(s) - Period Range
  4. Configure Attainment
  5. Configure Leaderboard
  6. Configure Payee Profile
  7. Configure Breakdown
  8. Configure Communication
  9. Configure Quota Attainment
  10. Configure Personal Modeler
  11. Configure Transaction Research
  12. Configure Aggregated Table


Administrator can configure different types of Manager Widgets available

    1. Configure Manager Rank
    1. Configure My Team

Administrator to set Dashboard Personalization Settings

Final look of Sales Rep Dashboard

Final look of Manager Dashboard

Refer to Documentation Links


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