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A “career-break” is often defined in a variety of different ways. Everyone has a unique story to tell and a different journey back to the work force. For the SAP Returnship program, this is no different, as the program features professionals with a plethora of unique stories and experiences. The program is on its 4th year, with its largest cohort yet with 30+ participants.

As the project manager of the Returnship program, I recently had the privilege to check-in with a few returners who are in our current cohort.

Here's what they had to share about their experiences with the 20-week Returnship program for mid-career professionals

One of this year’s 30+ Returners, is Jade Brown, who joined the program as a Project Manager for the State, Local, Education & Healthcare (SLEDH) West Delivery team. She returned to the workforce after nearly 7 years of serving the army and a year off to be a stay-at-home mom. Motivated by the drive to succeed, Jade was ready to return to work and apply her work ethic to her career.

“My motivation to return to the workforce is my own drive to be successful, I know that I work hard, and I wanted to apply that hard work more than just at home.” - Jade Brown, Project Manager, Returnship Cohort 2023

Not only is Jade’s career break to serve the army appreciated and admirable, so is the motivation and drive she possesses. Fueled by her motivation, Jade has returned to the workforce as part of the Returnship program and enjoyed a “warm welcome” from her “amazing” team and colleagues. The Returnship program provided exactly what Jade needed in her career, serving as a support system in a Returner’s pursuit to further their professional aspirations. Jade mentions the program helped her realize “…the direction I would like for my career to go.”, which perfectly shows what the program can mean for its participants.

For another Returner, Brittny Angwafo, the program has also been very helpful during her career re-entry to join the program as an On-Demand Technical Implementation Lead for the Ariba team. Brittny found herself taking a career break amidst the pandemic, where she spent nearly 3 years to care for her newborn. "The biggest challenge I faced was my skillset being a bit antiquated from being out of the workforce," says Brittny. Brittny accredits the program’s support for guiding her through her career break.

“SAP’s Returnship Program has allowed me to ease into this new normal and has given me loads of opportunities for support and guidance throughout the process.” - Brittny Angwafo, Technical Implementation Lead, Returnship Cohort 2023

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes and making the return-to-work process as seamless, smooth, and supportive as possible is the program’s ultimate objective. The program offers a strong support system, with passionate managers, teams, colleagues, and mentors.

Returner Lisa Monahan, Sales Enablement Content Specialist, SAP Concur, has a unique story to tell. After more than 9 years away from the workforce, Lisa impressively started her own business, hosted podcasts, and aided her community with a brief marketing role during her break.

"Companies like SAP that participate in the Returnship Program show that they still see the talent and potential in those who stepped away from the workforce." - Lisa Monahan, Sales Enablement Content Specialist, Returnship Cohort 2023

Striking the perfect balance between professional and personal life was a challenge that many Returners like Lisa come to experience, and she is thrilled to be part of a team that encourages overall flexibility and work-life balance.

What's in Store for Returners?


As this year’s program continues to progress, each Returner will continue their journeys and use the program to further advance their careers and continue to write their unique stories. Whether taking a career break for military leave, caregiving reasons, or taking a break to pursue other passions, the three Returners highlighted today represent the unique stories and backgrounds of these incredible professionals. Each with their own challenges to face during their transition, it can be easily said that returning to the workforce after a career break is no simple task. With the complexities of returning to a career after time away, challenges on both the professional and personal front can be difficult to balance while actively trying to re-spark your career. Aiming to minimize or lessen these challenges as much as possible is something that can help Returners focus on their career re-entry with a sense of confidence knowing the program is here to support them.

All three of the highlighted Returners had different career break stories to tell, however, they are all similarly benefiting from the program’s overall support as they embark through their Return-to-work journeys. A career break can be defined in a variety of different ways, but it is apparent that a Returnship program can be defined largely by the support that it provides to its participants, this is exactly how the SAP Returnship program is ultimately defined; as a strong support system for professionals returning to work.

About SAP Returnship Program


SAP Returnship program is a 20-week paid Returnship for mid-career professionals with 5+ years’ work experience who’ve taken a career break of 2+ years for caregiving, relocation or military service.

To learn more about the program and encourage your extended network to apply for SAP’s Returnship program in the future, visit SAP Returnship Program.

If you enjoyed learning about the Returnship program and the 2023 Cohort, feel free to leave any feedback, thoughts or questions in the comment section. We are excited to share more content about the Returnship program to the SAP community and encourage you all to reach out if you are curious to find out more about the program.

Follow my profile for more upcoming content about the Returnship program as well. Feel free to also post and answer any questions onto the SAP Community Careers page and read similar content on the Careers topic page, the links are added below for reference.