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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Prior to the H1 2205 Release

Prior to the 2205 Release, there were occurrences of users losing all of the Report Stories which they have created.

This generally happened following an IPS User Sync.

  1. User became inactive in SF and deleted from SAC.

  2. Instance refresh copying users from one instance to another.

  3. IPS Admin permissions being changed by mistake (permissions and target population)

  4. A misconfiguration on IPS side (for example change on the sf.user.filter).

  5. An issue in IPS as we have seen when parallel jobs were deleting user

Once this had happened, we didn't have the capabilities to restore these reports and there could have been a large amount of work lost. Our recommendation was to keep a back-up of all reports before an acton was taken place in IPS.

Post the H1 2205 Release

As part of the H1 2205 Release, we have introduced the first phase of retaining Report Stories which may have been deleted previously.

If any of the above actions surrounding the IPS Sync occurs, then reports will no longer be deleted but they will be transferred to a system owner.

There will be no change for the end-users other than the author name will be changed to a technical user: SACPEOPLESANALYTICSDUMMYUSERGUID. 

The report centre actions related to stories can all be completed depending on your role.

Story Admin: 

End-user with Read Access: 

To update ownership of the reports from the technical user to an actual user, it will be necessary to duplicate the report. However, the report will not retain all of the sharing and schedules of the original report. 


The report will appear shared with the deleted technical user. You can remove the sharing as normal with this user. 

Note: this will not allow you to retrospectively retrieve reports deleted before the 2205 Release.

Implications for Instance Refresh

  • Backup of reports will no longer be required.

  • Reports will retain all of their sharing prior to instance refresh.

  • Author name will change from original author to SACPEOPLESANALYTICSDUMMYUSERGUID.

  • Reports will be available under the All Reports tab.

KBAs for Instance Refresh:


All the screenshots used in this blog are taken from Demo instance.