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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
There are many common scenarios that a customer who has traditionally used in ECC system while moving to EC goes through certain minor changes.

The objective of this blog is to throw sligh light on these typical scenarios in Human Experience Management.

To understand the basics of integration first it is very important to simplify the complications that "English" Language of EC has created.

Whenever someone uses word "Job Information" from EC standpoint, the reference is to infotype 0000, 0001, 0007, 0008 and 0016.

Employee key mapping between Employee Central and ECC /  S4 HANA system. (Table HRSFEC_D_EEKEYMP)

A key is formed together where following field values from Employee Central and S4 HANA/ ECC are merged.

Employee Central

  • Person - PersonID

  • Employment - EmploymentID

  • JobInfo - LegalEntity


  • Pernr

  1. Impact on employee number when an employee moves from one company to another in same organization. (Employee movement between Company Code/ Legal Entity)

      1. PERNR of an employee will always change when an employee moves from company x to y in the same holding organization but with different company code having different currencies., irrespective of the country that the legal entity belongs to its better to follow this rule if countries are changing. Global employment is not the scenario that we are referring to. If Global employment is used then you would anyhow have Persid and Pernr to manage such scenarios.

      2. In case of Rehire as well the employee number (Pernr) will change if the employee is being hired in a different company code with different currency.  unless rehire is taking place in an existing employment (company code and currency) you can use the same employee number.

      3. Transfer of an employee as well has similar impacts. If you terminate an employee in an employment and rehire with new employment then a New PERNR is the recommended option while hiring is taking place between different countries. If you rehire the employee in the same company code in the same country then using same pernr is fine.

      4. Transfer of an employee as well has similar impacts. If you terminate an employee in an employment and rehire with new employment then a New PERNR is the recommended option. (Unless you rehire the employee in the same company code)

      5. Employee central payroll or S4 Hana payroll has a setting which takes care of the generation or reusability of the PERNR.

Badi HRSFEC_B_CE_DECIDE_HIRE_REHIRE can override generation of employee number (PERNR).

There is also an options of using Employee Central Assignment id as PERNR. As per SAP any NEW employee central payroll customer should use this option provided the format of Assignment ID is same as PERNR.

NEW means if the customer has no history of SAP payroll implementations else there could be some scenarios that can cause trouble.

Please read the documentation around change of legal entity in any Employment in Employee Central.

Above feature will allow companies to create new PERNR based on Assignment ID in EC with various well thought options.

In short your PERNR will change if the employee is moving between countries having different currency based company codes.

Global Employment in S4 uses same concept of multiple PERNRs combined under one Person ID.