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The SAP Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) connects SAP development teams with our customers and partners early and regularly. This means you can work together with SAP development teams on projects and prototypes, helping us to consider your specific requirement based on your feedback. The initiative fosters and enables close interaction between SAP and our customers and partners by providing a structured approach and a legal framework.

The SAP Customer Engagement Initiative gives you early insights and shares product concepts so that you can help shape the future releases of tomorrow’s innovations. It’s a win-win situation.

One of the many CEI projects about the topic “SAP SuccessFactors Compensation - Compensation Planner” was just finished by the team. We would like to share the highlights of the project here with you.

Topic Description:

Most companies hold an annual compensation planning process, where the planners are required to enter merit increase recommendations, bonus payout, and long-term incentive recommendations in the system. Planners typically have a week or two to enter the recommendations for their teams and are under tremendous pressure and time constraint to make the correct decisions that is reflective of the team’s past performance and future potential. These decisions have a big influence on how motivated and engaged the team members will be. To add to the complexity, many companies add more than 100 data elements that planners need to review before entering the Merit/STI/LTI recommendations. In short, the job of a compensation planner is hard, and the decisions they make during this period have long-term consequences.

The planned SAP Customer Engagement Initiative project aims at making the life of Compensation Planner easier. We would like to work closely with the planners, to understand their pain-points and the key factors that influence their decisions. The inputs from the planners would be evaluated to be used to enhance the user experience of SAP SuccessFactors Compensation product. The aim is to make the product more intuitive and simpler to use for planner, while helping them arrive at the correct decisions.

Product(s) in Focus:

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation

Project goal:

Interview the users and understand their pain-points. Gather requirements and use-cases, brainstorm possible solutions, and prioritize potential features/processes. Validate concepts by getting feedback on prototypes from end-users.

Major activities:

  • Testing

  • Feedback Calls

Key achievements:

  • The team had regular monthly meetings with multiple customers to understand the challenges faced by customers.

  • The interaction with customers led the team to come up with two different concepts of new user experience. These concepts were then validated with end-users from CEI customers.

Shipment / Delivered Release:

“The concepts prepared to define the new worksheet will be made available in the next releases”.

Interested in influencing and helping to shape innovations currently in development with SAP? Find out more details about how to find and register for a CEI project on