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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi Colleagues,

Today I`m here to present an easy way to build Pre and Post Test into SAP SuccessFactors LMS.

I`ll explain the main concept behind Pre and Post Test creation, how to set up correctly and check the results after and before the training application.

As an educational platform, the SAP SuccessFactors LMS have the engines to apply the correct use of Learning Objectives.

Before to start, let’s look more deeply into these terms.

According Megan Hodge, in Skills to Make a Librarian, 2015 – “What are learning objectives, and why are they so important? Unlike goals, which are generally teacher-centered, and talk about what you will do (e.g. “discuss the Boolean operator OR as a means of increasing the number of search results”), learning objectives are student-centered and indicate what students will be able to do as a result of your class. In the K-12 world, these objectives conventionally start with “The student will be able to” or even the acronym TSWBAT, and this is a suitable prefix for learning objectives in higher education as well.”

Is important to know that to construct Pre and Post Test you need to start building Objectives, so consider spend a time to think and build the objectives according your learning target.

After defining the Objectives is time to associate it with courses, learning objects, students or questions to give all information regarding what`s the target outcomes.

As our target is to create a Pre and Post Test, go to the Question Library and create questions and associates it with Objectives that you`ve created before.

Ok, the job it`s almost done. Go to the Assessment and create the EXAM to be a Pre or Post Test using the questions created in the previously topic. I`d like to advise to access here for more detailed instructions (Configuring an Exam to Be a Pre-Test Exam | SAP Help Portal / Configuring an Exam to Be a Post-Test Exam | SAP Help Portal).

Now create a course with online content and add the Pre or Post Test into (Surveys tab);



Finally assign the course to your test user and continues answering the Pre and Post Exam.

Back to Admin Side and take a report called Learning Evaluation.


Now you can check the difference between the Pre and Post Test after the student did the course.


To finalize, a little step-by-step to resume:

1 – Create Objectives

2 – Create Questions and Associate it with Objectives

3 – Create the Pre and Post Test Objective based

4 – Create an Item and associate the Tests into Survey tab

5 – Assign to the Student

6 – Take the Learning Evaluation Report to check the knolewdge

You can also more details visiting the SAP Help >> Creating Adaptive Exams: Overview | SAP Help Portal

Last but not least, I would appreciate it if you could provide your feedback, and if you have any questions feel free to meet me in the comments. I have just started to share my knowledge on SAP SuccessFactors if you want to hear more follow my profile.

Daniel Romanin

All images in this post are from SAP SuccessFactors Demo
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