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Product and Topic Expert

Onboarding is one of the most important milestones in the employee lifecycle and hence it’s crucial to provide an intuitive experience. The new hire experience based on the latest Home Page enables new hires to seamlessly complete Onboarding activities while providing a holistic experience.

With the SAP SuccessFactors 1H 2023 release, we have made several exciting enhancements to the new hire experience.

New Hire Engagement Cards on the Latest Home Page

The new hire experience on the latest Home Page is based on engagement cards and consists of four major components outlined below. These cards will appear on the Home Page based on configurations in the Process Variant Manager, evaluation of business rules and other application configurations in admin center. Each card highlights the deadline by showcasing the number of days to due date or the number of days past due date, as applicable.

  1. Help Us Learn About You card consists of the below new hire tasks

    1. Let us know about you is the Personal Data Collection where new hires can provide personal details

    2. Let us know more is the Additional Data Collection task in which new hires can provide details required by the organization for example, parking, food, insurance, travel, etc.

    3. Complete your e-Signature lets new hires sign documents generated based on the above information. In case of DocuSign, new hires can perform signature from within the email received.

After the 1H 2023 release, the Help Us to Know You Better card is dynamic and only displays tasks that are applicable as per the Process Variant Manager configuration for the new hire. While performing a new hire task, if you modify any data, the status of the subsequent task may get updated as applicable.

The corresponding new hire task is determined dynamically and updated at runtime after validating the already existing business rules for Personal Data Collection, Additional Data Collection, and Document Flows. This enables the new hire to determine whether a particular new hire task is applicable or not.

This card disappears from the home page once all the applicable tasks are completed by the new hire.

  1. Your Compliance Forms card for new hires to provide tax and employment details, as applicable

    1. New hires can complete employment-specific forms such as the US Compliance Form I-9 and country/region-specific tax forms

    2. Post completing compliance related information, new hires can perform electronic signature on the generated compliance pdf forms. In case of DocuSign, new hires can perform signature from within the email received.

This card will be removed from the Home Page once all the corresponding compliance forms and electronic signature (if applicable) are completed.

  1. Your Onboarding Guide card provides other onboarding related information to new hires if initiated by the manager / participants. This page can also be accessed from the module picker – Onboarding. In case, the new hire is also a hiring manager, the Onboarding Dashboard (New) can also be accessed as a separate tab within the page.

    1. Prepare for Day One provides a checklist of information that new hires need to know and do on day 1 including where to visit

    2. Browse through the recommended links enables new hires to access important links recommended by manager / participants to learn and understand key topics

    3. Know your key people to meet will contain contact and details of the new hire’s colleagues in the firm including the buddy that the manager / participant would have recommended

    4. New hires can view onboarding meetings organized by managers or onboarding participants, and orientation meetings initiated by HR admins

The Onboarding Guide card appears when the manager / participant has triggered at least one of the new hire activities. The lifecycle of the card on the latest Home Page is based on the Onboarding Tasks archive rule. The card will show up from the time the new hire logs into the Home Page till the day (from start date) defined in the rule (Default is 90 days).


  1. Welcome Aboard card contains a warm, personalized welcoming note for the new hire.

This card appears when the manager / participant has triggered the welcome message activity. The lifecycle of the card on the latest Home Page is based on the Onboarding Tasks archive rule. The card will show up from the time the new hire logs into the Home Page till the day (from start date) defined in the rule (Default is 90 days).

Custom Cards for new hires on the Home Page

Apart from these cards, customers can create custom cards on the latest Home Page for new hires under Admin Center - Manage Home Page - Manage Organizational Updates. Admins can configure the active period - when the custom card appears and disappears - based on the new hires' start date. These cards will appear in the Organizational Updates section on the home page.

Customers can leverage this custom card functionality to create a custom card on the latest home page that enables new hires to complete their profile details.


Other key new hire functionalities to enhance the new hire onboarding experience

As part of the SAP SuccessFactors 1H 2023 release, below are some other key new hire experience enhancements:

  1. Configurable New Hire functionality enables customers to configure the hiring process based on their organizational and workforce requirement. You can refer this blog for more details.

  2. Customers can configure the due date for new hire task completion to a date before the new hire’s start date. Using this configuration, admins can define a custom due date which can be applied to all new hire tasks. These tasks include Personal Data Collection, Additional Data Collection, New Hire Data Review, Document Flows, and Onboarding Rehire Verification. This provides flexibility for new hires to effectively complete new hire tasks before their Start Date and improves the overall Onboarding experience. For more details, refer this link.


Hope this blog helped you get acquainted on the new hire experience.

The new hire flow focuses on not only providing a holistic and simplistic experience for new hires but also ensuring that new hires are not overwhelmed and have a smooth and seamless onboarding process.


Note: This blog is in the context of  Onboarding (2.0) alone and not Onboarding 1.0. The contents of this blog have been updated to include the enhancements made to the new hire experience in the SAP SuccessFactors 1H 2023 release.