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Onboarding 2.0 Furnish Equipment integration to External  Application


As part of the onboarding program, one of the activity is to make sure that new hire has all the equipment that is needed on the first day of work.

Examples of equipment are phones, Laptops, monitors, etc.

Typically the hiring manager or a specific group of people are responsible for ordering the equipment. The task for requesting equipment should be integrated into ticketing or a procurement system for further processing.

Solution Overview

We now have an implementation design principles document to help customers to do this integration

This document provides the equipment requisition process integration for Onboarding 2.0 with any procurement or ticketing system. Onboarding offers the task of creating a request for equipment. Once the request is created, an intelligent service event is triggered. This event could be used for creating a request in the ticketing/procurement application.

Tracking of the status of the request is not part of the onboarding system, It can be tracked in the procurement system. This document describes the possible solutions for this process.

Solution Details

Intelligent Services begin as events that are published in one area of the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite. Whenever that event is triggered by the publishing product, those subscribed products automatically receive notification of the event, with information relevant to the change.

Thes solution is based on the Intelligent event “Change of Equipment Request Status” .This event is triggered when the status of the equipment task changes. This is a MDF object and the event is raised when the change of field Equipment request status.

The solution of integrating Onboarding 2.0 with a procurement system can be done via 2 solutions

  • Solution 1: Procurement/Ticketing system subscribes to the intelligent service event

  • Solution 2: Integration center getting triggered based on an intelligent service event

    • 2.1 Creating a file-based output

    • 2.2 Using SOAP/REST Endpoint

If the Procurement system can be connected via REST ( with OAuth) then that will be preferred approach .

Each of these solution have been explained in detail in document in the link below
Onboarding 2.0 Furnish Equipment integration to External Application
The document also has information on the event payload. In addition to the payload to extract more information of the Onboardee,APIs of Onboarding and Employee central can be used.

To know about implementation design principles please read the blog  .

Please give your feedback in comment section.