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Thanks to Onboarding Product Manager satyabrata_chayani for his collaboration on this post.


All employers are looking for quick and seamless ways to onboard new hires. Completing required paperwork in advance, familiarising themselves with corporate policies and rules, getting to know relevant stakeholders is just a small part of what may help companies with such objectives.

You can find a full description about new features for latest Home Page on SAP Help Portal:


On the Legacy Home Page new hires had standard Onboarding tiles, individual ones for each piece of information that manager shares with them.

Picture 1. Standard Onboarding tiles for new hires on legacy Home Page


With the Latest Home Page we have a new standardised way of auto grouping such tiles and organising them together.

Now instead of having multiple tiles, new hires will see a single card on the Home Page which on click will navigate to a page that contains all relevant information on new hire activities.

Picture 2.Onboarding New Hire activities page that appears on click of custom engagement card for new hires on latest Home Page


In this blog you will know what steps need to be done for creating a custom card and making it available for new hires on the Latest Home Page.

We recommend customers to enable a custom card along with activating the Latest Home Page and do it prior 2205 release. This conscious switch will guarantee a smooth process and allow new hires to access the new hire activities (welcome message from Manager, recommended links, etc) on a Home Page and continue having a good experience.




Configuration Steps to enable Onboarding Custom Card for New Hires

  1. Succession Data Model updates

  • First, you need to adjust your Succession Data Model and enable custom field “IsOnboardingUser”.


Picture 3. Creating custom field as a required parameter

  • Make sure that permissions to see this flag are enabled. Go to  Manage Business Configuration > custom field X->Element Permissions. Try adding Permission "Read" and Role Type = *

  1. Custom card creation

  • Next step is to create a custom card in Manage Home Page tool in Admin Center.

  • Under section “Cards” you need to select “Organizational Updates” and then click “Add card” button. It will allow you to create a new custom card.

Picture 4. Creating custom card on Home Page


  • You need to fulfil general section, add a name for a card and thumbnail, then proceed to section “3. Navigation”.

  • In the dropdown “Target” select Onboarding. URL will be populated automatically.

Picture 5. Custom card set up


  1. Card assignment

  • Next step is “4. Assignments”, where you need to select right target audience for this card.

  • By default, system suggests an option “All Employees”. To change it, you need to click the 3 dots and select “Add group” for creating a group for new hires.

  • Flag IsOnboardingUser is a key for correct assignment to new hires into a new group:

    • IsOnboardingUser=YES means new hire is still in Onboarding process

    • IsOnboardingUser=NO means new hire already completed Onboarding process.

  • As Onboarding information from Manager is relevant for new hire before and after Day 1, we need to select both values: IsOnboardingUser= YES and NO.

Other values for this flag are not applicable for new hires.

Picture 6. New hires group creation for custom card


  • The newly created group should be selected from the dropdown list into “Target Group” field. Only after that the custom card will be assigned to new hires, otherwise it will be visible to all employees.

Picture 7. Assigning New hires group as a target



With these steps you can enable the custom card on the Latest Home Page. This will bring all relevant information for new hires for their successful Onboarding.